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  3. Optistruct is an engine running in the back for Inspire. You can find various papers etc on Optistruct on the internet. This is a commercial software, for business reasons, core code is not available.
  4. Are there any mathematical equations solved for the bone growth algorithm?
  5. Sandeep, Inspire uses combination of HyperMesh and Simlab for meshing, both are the best meshing tools.
  6. what is the algorithm running in background for meshing?
  7. Ross, Unfortunately we do not have a tool for sine wave generation inside Evolve. However, there is a work around, that although tedious, works. Create a sine wave of any shape using a simple formula in excel Export the co-ordinates to a text file (.txt) Add the total rows as the first line and save the text file again Import this text file into Evolve as a point cloud Create a curve from points using 'Curve from point cloud' tool. In the excel file attached I have used this example: Generate a 1Hz Sine Wave, with ω=2π and Amplitude 1. f = 1 Hz, ω = 2π, therefore, T=1 sec The sine wave or sinusoid in its most basic form is: y(t) = A *sin(ωt+θ) Where: • A = Amplitude • ω=Angular frequency/ Circular frequency=2πf (rad/s) • f=1/T, where T=Period in seconds • θ=phase • t=time (s) To edit the shape, please change the f value to the desired frequency. Hope this helps you in some way. We will definitely be adding some tools to create parabolas, hyperbolas, sine and cosines in the near future. sine.evo sine.txt sine_formula.xlsx
  8. A model I am trying to generate requires a sine wave to make properly. Using the NurbsCurve and other curve drawing options, I can approximate a sine wave somewhat but the error is apparent when I skin the lines together. Is there any other way to generate a true sine wave in Evolve? Thanks!
  9. Hi CJD160, i faced the same problem but found a solution. just click the "transfer sketch" button as shown below and the sketch will be transferred into a new part. Best regards, Simon
  10. There is an option in an analysis to turn off blended contours. This change occurs in the model but it does not also occur on the scale in the Analysis Explorer window. It would be good to have the scale change to match the model when blended contours are turned off.
  11. Hello, I always press as the first action "new part", before I start sketching (flying icon on sketch). Try it please. Please check in the Model Browser, if a new part has been created? When you finish sketching, no part is selected. Be sure you select the right one. It is highlighted and you can select almost any geometry (Solid faces, surfaces and edges of surfaces). Best Regards, Mario
  12. Hello, When sketching, I select "create new part", then right-click twice, then push-pull face to add thickness to the new part. Every time I do this, the face that's push/pulled is the previous geometry and not the newly created part. I feel like I'm missing something really there a way to select the newly created part without hiding the other geometry?
  13. Hi Mouse-T, I guess Jaideep already discussed this question with you in pm - but to allow our other users to gain Inspire experience I'd like to answer also public: Any topology optimization with Inspire take respect to the internal stresses, caused by external forces. If you have two loadcases with exactly mirrored resulting forces, there will be no difference for the optimization as both loadcases will cause exactly the same optimal design approach. Loadcases are equal weighted. In case you have to expect nonlinear behaviour (part/assembly behave different on tension and compression), you may have to check your final design for buckling and activate the option "sliding with seperation" during analysis. If there is a dramatic difference in the model/system behaviour, you could activate this option for optimization too. Regards Felix
  14. Hi Gilbert, thanks for joining our forum and that interesting question! Technically, you can't run a topology optimization to reduce/controle buckling, as this is a highly nonlinear behaviour combined with the mathematics in the background of Inspire. If you really have to optimize this nonlinear faliure somehow, you may have a look into Altair Hyperworks (much more powerfull but also complex) and reduce your model into a 2D representation. Hope this help! Best Regards Felix
  15. Dears, When optimising using the Minimum Mass Method, is Inspire taking the buckling phenomena into account, or is it purely optimising for yield stress? Thanks! Gilbert
  16. Hello, Contact your support hotline and provide the configuration of your system. Replace your Intel Graphic hardware by something decent. This is a basic requirement ! Best Regards, Mario
  17. Hello! I'm having some problems with initialising Inspire on my computer. I've already tried uninstalling and installing the program from the very beginning but it does not work either. Also I've read in other posts you are having problems with NVIDIA graphic cards, but I don't know if that's the only problem or there can be any other. I've also read in Inspire system requirements that for Windows, Intel Graphic hardware (which I have on my computer) is not "allowed" either. Can you help me?
  18. Computers running NVIDIA Optimus technology and Evolve might experience issues with our latest and upcoming releases. To avoid visual artifacts or crashes when running Evolve, it is recommended that you change the 'Preferred graphics processor' setting under Global settings in the NVIDIA control panel from 'Auto-select' to 'High-performance NVIDIA processor' This will avoid using auto switching that has been found to be the primary reason for crashes.
  19. Why is an Embed forum not on the browse page?
  20. Hi Novio, please share a detailed license and issue description with our support: Thanks! Felix
  21. Hi, Today I installed latest demo version of Inspire for OSX. OSX is latest 10.12.2. Inspire just quits after 3-4 secondst after Sturtup. Regards
  22. Dear Evolve users, We want to bring to your notice that Evolve 2017.1 will not be supporting native solidWorks 2017 file format (part file) We expect the translators to be updated by the end of the first quarter of 2017. You will still be able to open evolve files (.evo) on solidWorks using our solidWorks plug in. Exchange of data between SolidWorks and Evolve can be done seamlessly using the parasolid (x_t and x_b) formats.
  23. Hi Lanau, This log file is a debug log that has slipped through the cracks.We have disabled it from 2017.1 which is our latest version due to be released shortly.
  24. Hello Victor, Can you please try the load command to import the MAT file? Eg: load ('file.mat') Here's some more help on the syntax: load: Reads the content of a MAT file. Syntax: R = load(filename) R = load(filename, variable) load filename Inputs: filename Path and name of the MAT file to load. Type: string variable List of the variables to load, separated by a comma. If no variable is specified, all variables are loaded. Type: string Outputs: R Struct with values read from the file. Type: matrix
  25. Sorry if I put the topic in the wrong place but I can't find the forum for the compose although it's a component of solidThinking. My question is: how to import the '.mat' file into compose? Is it possible? My existing '.mat' is more than 1Gb with a lot of data and structures. Thank you guys!
  26. Just to confirm, my method of connecting point to the surface using rigid connector is correct?
  27. Please use the Inspire online help for detailed Information: Felix
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