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  2. Has there been any progress in being able to view intermediate results of an optimization? I ran a very fine mesh problem which took several days on my computer and it failed to to insufficient memory. When I pull up the .out file, the end of the report says that the optimization has converged and all constraints are satisfied. Is there any way to pull out a resulting geometry from one of the last iterations?
  3. My project is about extrusion analysis of 3D printer nozzle using HDPE and recycle HDPE. I used a 3D printer nozzle download from grabcad. Its a very simple geometry and simple extrusion but somehow i cannot get through the EW Batch error. Here i attach my files i hope u can help me. Here i compile my files along with the model taken from internet nozzle (dizna).SLDPRT nozzle (dizna).stmod pewb_failed.txt Status_HX_PEWB.log Status-HXJM.log
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  5. Dear Mehran, Are you running your model or the models from training document? Please go over training models first before you start working on your models. The status windows may not show complete state of the issues. What you need to do it go to the folder in which you are running the simulation. Open file "Status-EWB.log". Look at last few lines in that file. That will guide/reflect what is happening. Also you can attach that file and we will know what is the issue.
  6. Hi Arjun, Thank you for the video, but the question is how to snap midpoints to midpoints (of edges)... Best Regards, Mario
  7. Thank you very much for your reply - Apologies for the late response.
  8. Hello, In addition to my previous post regarding saving a file, I am now having trouble saving and re-analysing a part. I have optimised a design, and analysed it using the shape explorer function. The minimum factor of safety is 1.5. I have then used the "fit" function and re-analysed using the same load cases. The minimum FoS then rises to around 7. I am very confused as to why this is doing this. My plan is to optimise, fit, re-analyse to check the results correspond and then run another analysis on the part to ensure that it can cope with another set of independent load cases. Can anyone help with this? Thank you
  9. Tay, The attached video should help. Snap_translate.mp4
  10. Hello, you are right, my retangles had the same height. Then it snaps to the midpoint. If you want to snap at the top midpoint you have to move the local axes to this location first. My fail, sorry. Best Regards, Mario
  11. Thank you Mario, it helps but I'm not there yet, I would like to first set position of Manipulator to midle Upper point of the rectangle I'm moving first and then align it with the second one. Ragrds Tay
  12. Hello, you have to switch on the "Snap to midpoints (or press ALT)" snap option (all others off). Use the "Translate" tool to move the rectangle near the target location and it snaps to midpoint-midpoint. Best Regards, Mario
  13. Hi, I just downloaded Evolve. I'v replicated all your examples, but I stumbelled into to a wall with the following problem: alligning one rectangle upper mid point to another rectangles upper mid point like in the image 1. Please advise Tay
  14. Hello, Can anyone please help with this? I need to have some further work done for my dissertation presentation t the end of the week and still struggling with this. Thank you,
  15. Jon, The Tween between curves tool is not available in Evolve. We have a request to add this kind of tool in place.
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  17. Hi Marcel, You can try to put 4 controle nodes on another to repair your model (bridge and surface spit). Be carefull with slicing a model within one surface only - it may not allows you to delete a polycube later! Only Polycubes (smallest part of a PolyNURBS) wich consists of 8 nodes can be deleted easily. Please find your model attached. Regards Felix BrakeSystem_repaired.stmod
  18. You are welcome! Glad to hear that - you can always check contacts within the Structure tab -> Contact -> in your case it should be highlighted in blue. That "floating" is just a visual gap. Regards Felix
  19. Thanks for your help! The surface now floats, doesn't that create problems? It did work, I now have my first successful optimization but the resolution was so low that I am now doing a more detailed one.
  20. Hi Sander, Welcome to the official sT Forum! You are facing some perfomance issues, caused by extremly thin volumes, you should create a 2D representation of. Therefore, please use the "Midsurface" tool on the thin parts of your assembly. You will mention no visible thickness (2D) representation, if this process is successfull. As a result, your Simulation will be extremly fast. Hope this helps! Regards Felix
  21. Hello, I downloaded Solidthinking yesterday and have been trying to optimize a simple part with a plate where force is applied to, a fixed rod, and a given designspace. It seems to get stuck around 50% (one time at 58% and a few times at 52%). After running for around 3 hours I deleted one and retried it. After a while it gave the error 157. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am running it on a HP Zbook studio G3. I attached a reference image below of the set-up. I hope someone will be able to help me further.
  22. Hello, Your space issue is very specific, please continue the discussion with the support team through email.
  23. Thanks Mr. Pupat, In my case my design space is only one part. But I understand that I have to subdivide it, and I did so As discussed in another topic, I have a lot of problems when designing due that my computer doesn't handle files bigger than 4-5MB, so it was quite difficult to redesign the part because o this issue. David
  24. Hi David, You need to split your design space in different parts. You can then assign a different draw direction to each of your sub-design space :
  25. In some cases The " EW_BATCH Failed: TCL_ERROR " appears at the beginning of the analysis processing! Could it be possible to let me know what would be the matter?
  26. Dear moderators, I am working on a project in which I used the polynurbs. To make the intersection between design space and non-desing space is quite dificult and I think I created a self-intersection or a bad element. Now I want to erase it but it isn't possible. Every time I try the program creates a new element instead of erasing it. Thanks for your help! BrakeSystem.stmod
  27. how to draw curves like this?
  28. Hi Arjun What you suggest to build inner and outer surface was my way so far. I just thought I could save some time.
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