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  3. where is the Log file?

    Hi Uri, Inside the project folder you'll find different files (meshing files, geometry files, solver files...) Is there any file in particular you are interested in? I attached a document that explains how to run C2C in batch mode. Best Regards C2C_BackgroundRunning_v4.0.docx
  4. Hi Uri, This problem appears when the ingates are not well set. It looks like this is a second iteration of an initial simulation, maybe during the second selection of materials something got corrupted. When this happens I recommend to start again the simulation from the original stl creating a new project. Please find attached a simulation ready to run, please check the parameters are fine and run the simulation again. Best Regards ALL-FEED_1.gid.rar
  5. When running meshing / calculation, etc., Is there any log file created and running in the background? If yes, where it is? If not, Is there a way to make it?
  6. When starting calculation, I get an Error message see attached
  7. blown film application

    Hello , I am a designer of blown film spiral die head , is it possible to make the analysis using click2extrude polymer application Regards Shady
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  9. Hello everyone, I suppose Evolve is near 2018 ... when does it come out, approximately? Is the Evolucionar going to have these tools ...? Flow through surfaces, have a piece, mesh, curves, ect, Make flat and with a base surface and another one of destination. Flatten, to be able to flatten surfaces or polisupercies, to later use them as a base for surface flow. Cage edit, a handle to be able to do morph Thanks
  10. There is a problem when the ingate surface is in contact with one of the surfaces of the additional components (sleeve, core,..) Meanwhile, in case you have this situation, please extrude just an small offset of the face in order to separate the ingate surface from the sleeve surfaces. (see below image) We'll work to solve this issue. Please, find below a link to download the file with the ingate meshed. Best Regards
  11. Ingate is placed and can be seen before meshing It disappears after meshing !!
  12. Hello Uri, The problem is there is no ingate on this model. Please, start again from the scratch and mesh again using an ingate. This should solve the problem. Best Regards
  13. Dear Uri, There is something wrong with the configuration of the sleeves but it's hard to know what's happening just with this error message. If you send us the project folder we can debug and try to find the error. Best Regards
  14. When trying to calculate (solidification) with sleeves I get an error message: Error when preparing data for analysis (Domain error: Argument not in valid range) The calculation is O.K. without sleeves. Please advise.
  15. Carbon printing and opening sizes

    Hi, thanks for your interest in solidThinking Products. To get a quote, please contact your local distributor: Kind Regards, Felix Radisch
  16. I also would really like to have a base product, or template, and use a series of different profiles as a size target. Imagine a basic ‘glove’ and then individual scans of each person’s hand becomes a size ‘target’ constraint. From what I can see now, you have an amazing opportunity to forge a new business model. I’d participate in training to become a consultant that optimizes existing designs for clients while receiving a stipend from your company to facilitate sales of the software to those same clients (if they are interested).
  17. Hi, im working on protective gear printed with carbon fiber content. In addition to impact forces, I have a size constraint on how large any opening can be. Does your product enable these kinds of parameters? Om
  18. Repeat command

    Thanks Darren
  19. I have run an analysis on a model with fasteners. I can get callouts for stress, reaction forces at support etc but how do I get the tension and shear force on the fastener connections? Inspire 2017.2.1 Regards, Clayton
  20. iMac Pro

    Evolve uses Thea rendering engine for rendering(includes interactive rendering). Thea works best on NVIDIA CUDA supported cards. Thea's Presto render - a physically accurate rendering engine works only with CUDA technology. However, GPU is not fully utilized when modeling. The program relies more on your CPU and number of cores.
  21. iMac Pro

    Thanks for your reply. My present iMac has the Radeon card installed - would the render and screen-update on heawy scenes have been better, if my prensent iMac was equipped with an NVIDEA card? Will the next version of Evolve on mac rely on the NVIDIA as much as the present version...?
  22. iMac Pro

    Hi Lunau, iMacPro is a new device and we are yet to run a full test on the same. As we all know, Apple no longer supports NVIDIA cards and Evolve rendering works best on NVIDIA cards that support CUDA. If rendering is a major part of your workflow, this might not be good news for you. Currently, AMD A-series APUs support GPU acceleration in Photoshop but thats about it. From what I gathered, there is no GPU acceleration akin to CUDA, yet. AFAIK, there will be no significant speed improvement right off the bat in 2018.
  23. Repeat command

    Hi Mark, To re-activate the last tool used you can press Control+Spacebar.
  24. polynurbs issues with close fit

    Hi Nigel, from my point of view it is not possible within Inspire to do this automatically. You should do it manually by splitting the polynurb in 2 or 3 and move the vertices. MM.
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