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  2. Find here a new document for those who are not familiar with casting. In this document, you will find answers to typical questions like: Which casting process do I need to use? Where do I position the ingate? How do I setup the process? How do I analyze the simulation results? Casting_Analysis_Document_4.1.pptx
  3. Hi Kisar3, yes there is lack of information and activity. Evolve is a very slow and unresponsive software even with a small project. Almost every change has a long response time. Rhino is more responsive, but if you want parametric CAD than I suggest look elsewere. I wasted a lot of time with trial version. Regards Tay
  4. Hi Again Arjun, You got me thinking when you suggested using "File-Import/merge" and I found another way to transfer camera views. Normally I always group my camera views into a folder (just to keep things in order) so I thought, what if I just copy/paste the folder with all the camera views into the different versions of Evolve, and it worked. I found that you can also do this between different files. For example, if you have some nice camera views in one file and want to use the same camera views in a new file, just copy/paste them. You just need to put all your camera views into a folder. Hope this can be of some help to others as well. Steve
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  6. Hi Arjun, I will try it. Thank you very much for your help with this issue. Best regards Steve
  7. Hello, Can you tell me brands that use Evolve for footwear? Why does it seem more powerful Evolve, (have Parasolido kernel, be parametric and have a reasonable price), there is not much information, examples, tutorials, and there is so little activity in the forum? Thank you
  8. Hi Steve, You can delete all the objects in the scene except the cameras and save the file in 2016. Use File-Import/merge option to import this file into your new scene in 2017. The cameras will be added to your new scene. I suggest naming the cameras so that you don't have duplicates after merging.
  9. Hi Nick, There are two tools to deform objects in Evolve that suit this use case and both options rely on a target surface. You have already found the stretch tool. The other is called surf-drape. In your example, the target surface is a lot smaller than the source curve. I am thinking this might be forcing Evolve to fit the source surface within the boundaries. To create a 3D curve, you can use the project curve option.
  10. RenderQ is installed as part of the main program. PC: Look under C:\Program Files\Evolve\,,version number>>\Evolve\Bin\win64 for the main application executable if you cannot find it under installed programs. MAC: rQ will be installed under the application folder where Evolve is installed.
  11. Is it possible to transfer camera views saved in Evolve 2016 to Evolve 2017? Thanks for any suggestions on this matter. Steve
  12. Hi guys, I've been trying to figure out a way to Project a flat curve onto a bent surface so that the curve will actually wrap around it. Alternatively I would also be quite happy if it were possible with a surface. So far I have only Kind of managed to do this by using the Stretch tool and choosing a surface to Stretch along an extracted curve of the surface. This however distorts the original surface and since I don't know the exact measurements of the bent surface, ( customer file) it won't automatically use the entire lenght of the extracted curve... In General I am not very happy with this method and know that in other CAD programms there is a more simple way to Project the curve so that it bends around a surface. Is there an alternative to the Stretch tool in Solidthinking as well? I have attached a simple Image of the Problems that I have and what I'm trying to achieve: I am trying to get the (experimental) curve with "teeth" to follow the curvature of the Long surface. The part on the left is the attempt using the Stretch tool together with the extracted Profile curve. This is not a clean Job, is there another way to get this done?? Thank you very much for your help and I am looking Forward to Hearing from you ! Nick
  13. Sorry, RQ.
  14. How to get QR extention? It isn't clear. Thank you
  15. Hello All, I just installed the embed software on a machine with a fresh install of windows 10, 64bit. I installed CCS with support for the C2000 processors. Following installation of the embed software I tried to compile and run the LED blink example for my device. I am using the LAUNCHXL-F28379D Launchpad. When I compile the code I get the following error at the end of the compile output: C:\sTEmbed2017\cg>lnk2000 --display_error_number --diag_suppress=16008 -c -x -q blink283x.obj -l lib\SFO_v8_fpu_lib_build_c28.lib -l lib\ii_F280x_fpusr.lib -heap 64 -stack 128 -o blink283x.out lib\F28379cpu1""lnk.cmd error #10008-D: cannot find file "lib\F28379cpu1lnk.cmd" warning #10062-D: entry-point symbol "_c_int00" undefined Seems there is a missing file. Any assistance in fixing this situation would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Brad
  16. Thank you for the information. That seems to have worked.
  17. Dear Jeff, There is no limitation but we have find a bug and we are going to fix it for the next release. Meanwhile there is a way to solve this: Go to: ...\Click2Cast_4.1.0.102\problemtypes\click2cast.gid\config open the file: config.xml and change this value from 0.5 to 0.05 <Item id="PercentToCheckIsolatedElems" dv="0.05" /> open again C2C and run the mesher. This should solve the problems witth the sleeve selection while we release the next update. Thanks.
  18. Is there a limit to the number of sleeves Click2Cast will recognize and mesh. I have a simulation to run with 11 sleeves. I am able to select all 11 areas, but when it meshes, there are only 5 areas that show there are sleeves there.
  19. Hi all, Below you will find the Inspire 2017.2 offline help. Regards Felix Inspire_2017.2_English.pdf Inspire_2017.2_German.pdf
  20. Hi MadMushroom, Thank you so much for sharing this, it is a great example of Inspire's capabilities! We would love to work with you on an official solidThinking case study if you would be interested. You can see some examples here. Please feel free to contact me directly at to discuss the details. Either way, thank you very much for sharing, it looks like you have done some great work.
  21. Hi all, recently we finished a project in collaboration with ASCO industries in which we made the redesign of a gooseneck bracket which is produced by additive manufacturing. The complete optimization and design is done with Inspire. I hope this can INSPIRE some among you :). If you want more information about the project you can use this link Best regards! S.
  22. Extrusion die for aluminum pipe.
  23. Import die geometry and setup model as per in Tutorial #1 in this training manual After complete setup, Trim full model for desired sector. Delete unwanted solids and bearing curves. Reorganize solids as Billet, Feeder, Portholes, Pocket1 etc. as it was modeled. Also organize lines belonging to bearing curve as BearingCurve What is angle of symmetric model for simulation? 180° (Need extra step to setup) 90° 45° 30° 10° And more Note: Other then 180° sector model, there is no special settings required to simulate sector of full model. Requirement for 180 ° Sector Model? What we need? For 180° sector model, we need at least one edge/imprint on billet solid crossing billet center. Why we need? To detect half symmetry, internal BC capture module needs a nodes at center (X=0,Y=0) of Billet_DummyBlock face. This center node will only be created when there is edge/imprint on billet solid E.g. In figure below, there is no node near X=0,Y=0. this is because there is not edge/imprint at billet center. When there is a edge near billet center then batch mesher automatically creates a node at billet center. How to Add a Edge/Imprint on Billet? Quick steps These steps should be followed once model is ready to solve Trim billet solid at billet center Combine two half's of billet solid Remove all imprints lines on billet solid except the one on billet symmetric face Organize billet solid as Billet again Details are in attached PDF file - How to - Handle Symmetric Model in C2E.pdf
  24. Issue: Status is showing initiated for long time Then it shows Job failed but there is not log file in Run folder the folder. Cause: Check folder in there is log file, then it means that settings are incorrect and C2E is not able to locate correct service. Fix: Drill down to File > Preferences > HyperWorks Make sure you have following selections HM Service = hxME_3581 HX Service = hxME_3581 OptiStruct Service = hxME_3581_os
  25. •In some cases an analysis run can't be completed because there are missing or overlapping surfaces on a part •If you have Mass Calculations turned on in the Preferences window, the mass of the part shown in the Model Browser will generally be zero. •It is also common to see some red and some pink edges in the modeling window where the surfaces overlap, as shown in the image below:
  26. Issue: When creating billet geometry, it is created away from workpiece geometry Cause: Die is not positioned to global origin using Orient Model icon. Click2Extrude creates billet at global origin Hence die should be positioned to global origin Fix: Delete the billet solid Use Orient Model functionality to position the die to global origin automatically Recreate billet
  27. Hi, You are not doing anything wrong. This is a limitation of the program. Version 2017 does not support assigning mouse clicks. Unfortunately user is limited to modifier and/or key combinations only.
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