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  2. macOS High Sierra

    Hi Luna, We have tested 2017.2 and 2017.3 on Mac OS High Sierra. Please install the latest Evolve package from here
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  4. Motor control

    How to configure complementary Mode PWM pulse? I am using TMS20F28035 Piccolo controller borad.
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  6. Install Python modules

    Hi Sandro, Installation of packages other than those you have mentioned in your query can be done using the details given in the installation path of Compose. The installation path is given below. @ C:\Program Files\Compose\2017.3\help\Compose\topics\compose\installing_python_packages_compose_t. For installing pandas, before doing this, you need to execute the following command in the Command prompt. set VS100COMNTOOLS=%1 VS120COMNTOOLS% Thanks, Sijo George
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  9. iMac Pro

    Hi, I use Evolve 2017.1 on my current iMac 4 GHz Intel Core i7 with AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB. I plan to upgrade to iMac pro, but as I was told in a previous topic, I will not gain any particular advantage graphic-wise, since the new iMac Pro is not equipped with a NVIDIA card and CUDA. You could say the same on my current iMac that, as the iMac Pro, use the Radeon I understand it the rendering and construction is mostly done by the CPU. Is it then fair to say, that an upgrade from my current iMac to the iMac Pro WOULD give me some speed, since I get more CPU power and more cores?
  10. macOS High Sierra

    Hi, I use the latest Evolve 2017.1 - anything I need to know before upgrading to macOS High Sierra?
  11. Importing question

    Hi All, Firstly, I'm really enjoying this programme. I am having issues importing files from Rhino - and there is some odd behaviour. This is with very simple (boxes) geometry. I can import STL/SAT/X_T/IGS files that have been exported from Rhino, however seemingly at random it will either: Not import any geometry (despite the geometry being solids) Not read any weight Work fine - reading weight and I can apply loads etc As I mentioned, this is with simple geometry. I cannot work out a rhyme or reason to why it will most likely fail, and why sometimes it works fine (even though I am exporting the same boxes!) Best, Alex
  12. hello, I 'm trying to optimize a bracket i have to reduce the mass, but i have problem because i have run the analisys several times but each time it is seems to stuck at 58% also after 12 hours of analisys. thank you
  13. hello please can someone provide help or any documentation in french for evolve. Thanks inAdvance
  14. Hello I am engineer shady working on the design of blown film spiral dies so , I would like to calculate the shear stress of the spiral , does the Click2extrude can help ?
  15. You're so nice, thank you for your tips, I will let you know if I have other questions. Best wishes!
  16. Can't find where is the plug in of SolidWorks for Evolve, anyone knows? Thank you
  17. Use of dimensions in Evolve

    Hi! I'm using the dimensioning tools to make a drawing and I have the problem that the program writes the numbers (dimensions) in one way or another... what's the rule for this? Can I change it anywhere? I can't do real drawings this way... Thank you very much
  18. Point to apply gravity or acceleration

    Hi, I have used the acceleration panel to create the load, so it is not the global gravity load. Best Regards, Mario
  19. Point to apply gravity or acceleration

    Thank you for those informations . It is the same for specific acceleration ? BR Virgile
  20. Point to apply gravity or acceleration

    Hi VirgileV, It's like described in the user guide (help). "g-Loads are applied to the entire model rather than a part, and are specific to a load case. If you delete the part where the g-Load is applied, it remains in the model." I have tested it on a small example, I have deleted the part, where the G-Load was attached and the load still remains in the model. It is a little bit confusing, since it does not matter where you put the load. It seems it is for graphic positioning only. Best Regards, Mario
  21. We are kickstarting 2018 with a webinar hosted by Novedge. The webinar will give you a look at 2017 and upcoming 2018 release. Register today!
  22. I'm glad it helped. Please let me know if you need any help on setting up the I2C module using solidThinking Embed. If so, I think it would be best if you started an I2C topic in the solidThinking Embed forum section as more people with knowledge on microcontrollers will view it and be able to chip in.
  23. Has anyone had problems getting a solid state relay to work? After asking my friend, I have learned some lessons: don't accidentally take out current limiting resistor solid state relay rated for AC load will probably just turn on small DC load. It makes a LOT of sense that since there's an LED inside you need a resistor, that's a Basic concept. I'm using a SSR to control a AC load. To test it I'm using an LED load. The problem is, I can't get the relay to turn on. I'm using the S202S02 from Kynix. First a was using a uP (Atmel XMEGA128A1) but that wasn't working so I switched to just straight up using Vcc. (Note: I didn't bother with a transistor, just connected it right to uP) The SSR has 4 pins: the output pins (indicated by the AC tilde) and two input pins: + and -. The problem is that I apply vcc (3.3/5V) to plus, ground - and then connect one output pin to vcc and the other pin to an led which is connected to a resistor and then ground. I know the led works because if I connect vcc to it it turns on. What am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure SSRs can switch DC loads. I've used two different relays in my circuit so I don't think I have a bum relay.
  24. Release Evolve and some questions.

    We are still working diligently on v2018. We are shooting to release it by end of the first quarter to early in the second quarter of this year. It is essentially a completely new product with the same power of the previous version, but with a fresh UI and streamlined workflows for every tool and process. We have rewritten all of our deformation tools and can cover much of what you have described here with our Stretch and Drape tools. We will continue to add more deformation tools in the future including a new Lattice tool to cover additional use cases. Thanks, -Darren
  25. Pause the computing ?

    Hi Mario , thank you for the answer. BR Virgile
  26. Ask for academic License of Inspire

    Hello, Please note that it takes a few business days to process licensing requests. If you still get no reply in the next few days, please check your Spam folder, then write us to Thanks, Matthieu
  27. Pause the computing ?

    Hello, As far as I know, it isn't possible to pause a running task. Try to change the priority of the solver task (task manager). Best Regards, Mario
  28. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Xin Ren, an Associate Professor who works at Nanjing Tech University. I applied an academic license for the software of Inspire two days ago, but I have not received any feedback yet. I wonder could you be so kind as to provide me with the academic license for the software of Inspire 2018 ASAP, please? Looking forward to hearing from you and your significant support is much appreciated. Best regards, Xin Ren
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