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    Dear Evolve users, We want to bring to your notice that Evolve 2017.1 will not be supporting native solidWorks 2017 file format (part file) We expect the translators to be updated by the end of the first quarter of 2017. You will still be able to open evolve files (.evo) on solidWorks using our solidWorks plug in. Exchange of data between SolidWorks and Evolve can be done seamlessly using the parasolid (x_t and x_b) formats.
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    Hello Friends, Today, we are proud to release solidThinking Inspire 2017! The team has been working hard on many new features including: The new Motion tool allows users to easily mechanize their models and investigate system motion to predict loads for moving parts. The Topography Optimization tools can be used to change shapes of shell structures by introducing stamped bead patterns for better structural performance. Updated Partition Tools allow users to divide a part into design and non-design regions by selecting a hole, pocket, or face to offset. The Bolt Pretension tool allows users to achieve more accurate results when bolts are under pretension. We would love for you to try the latest release, visit solidThinking.com/Inspire to request a free trial!
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    Hello, Your setup looks good and work for analysis as well as optimization. Check below images. Which version of Inspire you are using? Make sure you have read/access to documents folder (default run directory). Send me a message with your contact details, we can chat over a webmeeting.
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    Congrats Altair on your work with Ferrari-excellent news ! Ferrari Teams With Altair