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  1. Repeat command

    Hi Mark, To re-activate the last tool used you can press Control+Spacebar.
  2. How to create solid bodies using loft feature?

    If you have a group of surfaces that make a closed volume and want it to be a solid you just need to select the Combine tool and select all the surfaces. This will make the resulting object a true solid.
  3. Evolve vs Rhino

    Comparing responsiveness between Rhino and Evolve is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Rhino is simply a surface modeler without parametrics or full construction history. Evolve is a surface, solid, and polygonal modeler all with full construction history. If you find that construction history is not needed and slowing the modeling process, you always have the option to remove construction history, which will speed up calculation time. The geometry in Evolve is based on Parasolid, which is very robust and allows models to be passed to any CAD or CAM tool without geometry inherent with surface modelers. So in this context it is like complaining about your 200mph Ferrari not getting the same fuel economy as your Prius. Evolve also runs natively on Mac and is EXACTLY the same as the Windows version. This is difficult from the development perspective, as can be seen in Rhino's efforts on Mac. Having said all that, we are working on a completely new version of Evolve for 2018 that will be much easier to use and learn, and is being optimized to run as efficiently as possible. Stay tuned.
  4. absolutely need to change the UI font size !

    We have added the option to adjust the font size in version 2017.1, which is available now. Access can be found in the User Interface tab in the Preferences panel. Cheers,
  5. about rendering

    We have added support for GTX 10XX and Cuda 8 in Evolve version 2017.2. This will be available in April. If this currently causing an issue for you, contact me directly and we'll see if we can get something worked out for you in the meantime. chilton@solidthinking.com Thanks,
  6. Evolve 2017 Depth of Field

    Thanks Claudio. Beat me to it.
  7. jumping curves ( again with Evolve 2016.2 )

    Our main road block is that we haven't had much luck in recreating the issue that you are having. We will try again with 2016.2 to see if we can reproduce it and find a solution. Thanks,
  8. Problem with installation Evolve 2017

    If you right-click on the installer and choose Open that should allow you to install it. Thanks,
  9. Viewing programme for clients

    Hi Ari, We will be adding support for 3D PDF's in the future (hopefully v17.2), so hopefully that will be helpful.
  10. Trim/break

    Since you have one object that is a solid and the other is a surface the best tool to use would be the Intersect tool.
  11. macOS Sierra

    v2016.2 officially supports Sierra.
  12. absolutely need to change the UI font size !

    Hi Marco, Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately the answer to your question is the one you didn't want to hear. Currently it is not possible to adjust the font size in Evolve. We are working on it and it will be adjustable in the future.
  13. cylindrical label

    Thanks Mario. That's exactly what I would have suggested. For reference in case it is helpful in the future, below is an example of a label that is not purely rectangular. You just have to save the image file as a .png so that it will retain the transparency. Obviously this is just in the case of rendering, so if you need the actual geometry you can use the Bend tool as Mario suggested.
  14. cylindrical label

    Do you actually need another surface to wrap around, or are you wanting to apply a label/graphic image around the cylinder? Like in this example.
  15. object movment

    Are you working on a file that was originally created in a different version, or are the problems also happening with new files? Let us know if you find a way to reproduce the curve movement or crashes.