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  1. Point to apply gravity or acceleration

    Hi, I have used the acceleration panel to create the load, so it is not the global gravity load. Best Regards, Mario
  2. Point to apply gravity or acceleration

    Hi VirgileV, It's like described in the user guide (help). "g-Loads are applied to the entire model rather than a part, and are specific to a load case. If you delete the part where the g-Load is applied, it remains in the model." I have tested it on a small example, I have deleted the part, where the G-Load was attached and the load still remains in the model. It is a little bit confusing, since it does not matter where you put the load. It seems it is for graphic positioning only. Best Regards, Mario
  3. Pause the computing ?

    Hello, As far as I know, it isn't possible to pause a running task. Try to change the priority of the solver task (task manager). Best Regards, Mario
  4. You can use combine also on a "intersect" entity, but I can't see any difference. Intersect combine the surfaces automatically. If you want to use e.g. the "Trim" command on more then one surfaces at the same time, than you use combine. After intersecting is is also possible, without combining. Maybe Envolve handle this closed volumes as solids, but in the end, it does not matter. Section views are always open, trimmed bodies becomes closed.
  5. As I have written in my topic, it is always a hollow space enclosed by surfaces.
  6. Hello, Strictly speaking, there are no solids in Evolve. Only volumes, closed by surfaces. As you say, you get these volumes by closing all openings. Take a look at the tutorial for a car wheel: Best Regards, Mario
  7. Use of dimensions in Evolve

    Hello, Please keep in mind that this is a design software, not really a CAD program. But nevertheless it is possible to create rudimentary dimensions. These dimensions can be positioned, are associative or non-associative. You can switch from modeling to drafting environment and automatically create views. Take a look at the attached pictures. Best Regards, Mario
  8. Hello, We are here in the Inspire (not Evolve) forum. INSPIRE: Use the "Cut Modify" Tool to slice solids by planes. See attached picture. EVOLVE: For Evolve you can use the Trim command: To delete the construction tree, use the command Edit->Collapse Construction Tree. You can save the source objects by answer "No" in the dialog. To have the construction tree is in general a big advantage over other modelers. Best Regards, Mario
  9. Hello, I have a question regarding the presentation of results. Find attached two pictures of the same result presented in Inspire and Hyperview (from scratch directory. fem & h3d). You can see the result of a screw pretension. The stress distribution look extremely different and i'm a little bit surprising. Is there any reason for that? Best Regards, Mario Pretension.stmod
  10. Hi Felix, The asymmetry is not the problem, but the stress distribution does not look plausible. Corresponding to the pressure cone (area) of a screw connection, the highest load should occur at the top. Best Regards, Mario
  11. Hi Felix, Thank you for the explanation, now I can understand it. Unfortunately, this does not improve the plausibility of the result. Best Regards, Mario
  12. Hi again, The "Autocalculate Meshsize" of both parts is switched off and min. is 1mm, max is 5mm. There is nothing more to do, only run a calculation. If it is not comprehensibly, then i can send also results (but the file is much bigger, since you need also the h3d for Hyperview). Version i'm using is Inspire 2017.3.1 build 8625. Best Regards, Mario
  13. Hi, The file is already attached in the post. (Pretension.stmod) Best Regards, Mario
  14. Optimization Error

    Hello again, Here is an updated model and example optimization. Find attached the model file. The example is a topology optimization (objective: max. stiffness, % of space volume). Best Regards, Mario model0817_CleanUp.stmod
  15. Optimization Error

    Hello, I would consider the following things: The constraints and force are not connected to the solids (non design), since they are attached to free points. This will be the reason for the error message. All longitudinal and vertical inner beams are modeled twice There are a lot of intersections and so it is a problem to find clear contacts for the solver. You get a warning message before the run (in my version 2017.3) At all, try to model a flat solid plate between the two non design borders. Then you get a idea on how a optimized support structure looks. After clean up point 1 and 2, I could do a structural analysis (see attached picture). I did not try to perform an optimization, since it is useless for me. Best Regards, Mario
  16. align

    Hi Arjun, Thank you for the video, but the question is how to snap midpoints to midpoints (of edges)... Best Regards, Mario
  17. align

    Hello, you are right, my retangles had the same height. Then it snaps to the midpoint. If you want to snap at the top midpoint you have to move the local axes to this location first. My fail, sorry. Best Regards, Mario
  18. align

    Hello, you have to switch on the "Snap to midpoints (or press ALT)" snap option (all others off). Use the "Translate" tool to move the rectangle near the target location and it snaps to midpoint-midpoint. Best Regards, Mario
  19. FEM import scale

    Hello, This does not seem to be right. It seems Inspire read FE-models always in mm. Tested with HM2017 & Inspire 2017.1 It might be possible to add an option when importing to set the source units. Best Regards, Mario
  20. Slicing a solid body

    Hello, Yes. Use the "Cut Modify" Tool to slice solids by planes. See attached picture. Best Regards, Mario
  21. Inspire simple geometry creation

    Hello, I always press as the first action "new part", before I start sketching (flying icon on sketch). Try it please. Please check in the Model Browser, if a new part has been created? When you finish sketching, no part is selected. Be sure you select the right one. It is highlighted and you can select almost any geometry (Solid faces, surfaces and edges of surfaces). Best Regards, Mario
  22. Inspire won't run on my computer.

    Hello, Contact your support hotline and provide the configuration of your system. Replace your Intel Graphic hardware by something decent. This is a basic requirement ! Best Regards, Mario
  23. Flip Crv Direction

    Hello, try the following: Pick the "Blend Curve" Switch to "Edit Parameter" Mode At the control panel change "Continuity" to "Tangent (G1)" or Change "Tangent Direction" to "Free" and change the 3D tangent direction fully free Best Regards, Mario
  24. Failed Optimization (again!)

    Hello, I don't understand, why do you want to have a contact at the lower wall? My suggestion is to bound the part to the wall and fix the wall with support in all directions (no displacement constraints). Best Regards, Mario
  25. Drawing Lines at specific Lengths and Angles

    Hello, you can try the following (see attached picture): 1. Create a copy of the line 2. Use Transform->Rotate tool 3. Drag the center of rotation to new location (at example to the endpoint of the line) 4. Rotate, you can enter any value on the tool dialog Best Regards, Mario