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  1. Mesh Error

    Dear Otavio, It looks like there is a problem with the inlet. Could you please check the ingate has been well defined (check if it is inside the geometry and in the same plane) Please check too the element size, 1mm seems too small for this part. Best regards
  2. Hello Franz, You are right regarding chillers, if your chiller is not in an entire surface we recommend to extrude a little bit the surface of the part in contact with the chiller to be able to select it as a chiller in C2C. Regarding different thicknesses on the sleeves or chillers, what you can do is to use both components, so you can select the “first chiller thickness” using the chiller component and the “second chiller thickness” using the sleeve component and then creating the same chiller material inside the sleeves using the dB editor and conversely. If you wanted to use more than 2 thicknesses you would have to change thicknesses manually and run the solver in batch mode... Jfyi, we are moving C2C to a parametric engine and in the next version of C2C (C2C 2018) all these limitations will disappear. Best Regards
  3. Find here a new document for those who are not familiar with casting. In this document, you will find answers to typical questions like: Which casting process do I need to use? Where do I position the ingate? How do I setup the process? How do I analyze the simulation results? Casting_Analysis_Document_4.1.pptx
  4. Assigning Sleeves

    Dear Jeff, There is no limitation but we have find a bug and we are going to fix it for the next release. Meanwhile there is a way to solve this: Go to: ...\Click2Cast_4.1.0.102\problemtypes\click2cast.gid\config open the file: config.xml and change this value from 0.5 to 0.05 <Item id="PercentToCheckIsolatedElems" dv="0.05" /> open again C2C and run the mesher. This should solve the problems witth the sleeve selection while we release the next update. Thanks.
  5. This is a small document that talks about the new feature "Niyama Criterion" you'll find in the 4.1 version. Niyama_Criterion.pdf
  6. Mesh generation problem

    Dear Semih, This is because one of the files we save in your user is not being able to be saved. Is this happened only once or with every geometry? Could you please contact me directly? We can have an online meeting to fix this problem. Best Regards Pau
  7. convert to h3d?

    Hello Ydigit, You need to run the simulation using the console to get H3D output results. I attached a video that explains how to do it. Jfyi, next version will allow export to H3D through the interface. If you need help you can contact directly with me. Regards Pau H3D.MP4
  8. Look at this video our friend David Roccaforte has created to modify the time steps in Click2Cast. Amazing! (debug mode output is optional)
  9. Check out this calculation speed test, comparing Click2Cast v3.0.5 and the new version 4.0. Click2Cast v4 Speed Test.pdf
  10. Click2Cast 4.0

    We are pleased to announce the official release of Click2Cast v4.0. This version, introduces multiple enhancements including: The Additional Components option including a Core, Chiller, Sleeve, and a second Mold Material. Thanks to the new virtual mold, now users can analyze the mold temperature under Solidification Results. Investment casting process. Gravity casting settings have been remodeled and now, in addition to Filling time, it is possible to entering new settings as spoon height and flow rate. New Shrinkage Porosity result. Now it is possible see and analyze the real size of the porosity result in different percentages. You can request a free trial now,here.
  11. This is a ppt document that will help you to understand the Riser Designer tool feature in Click2Cast. Riser_Design.pptx