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  1. Construction plane via normal vector

    Thank you Arjun.
  2. Construction plane via normal vector

    Thank you for the reply. could you please list the steps to do this? would it be to much to ask for screen shots as well please? im so conditioned doing this by just listing a dimension for the offset in the other cad package (fusion 360) i use. i understand though that evolve is a higher level system. i like the idea of using a proper NURBS system. i just need the bits where i need to reflect a real life measurement to be able to have that kind of control. looking at evolve though feels like quite a step up in my game!
  3. Construction plane via normal vector

    Hi all. New member here. I have been looking at evolve for use with making a prescription rifle stock. I want to research the program as much as possible before i apply for a trial license i want the trial license to be used to confirm my ideas. Here's my first couple of questions to the forum. After you have set the construction planes up that you need, is there a way of showing the offset dimensions? Say i want to set a base model with to profiles 13" apart. Then i need to reposition the back profile another 3" back to 16" Is there a way of showing the dimension of the distance between construction planes? i hope explained that correctly!