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  1. Repeat command

    Thanks Darren
  2. Repeat command

    Hi, I am new to Evolve, I was wondering if there is a shortcut "repeat" command, similar to that of autocad ? For example: When I finished drawing a nurbs curve and exited that command, I wanted to draw another nurbs curve elsewhere, I find that each time I have to draw a new curve I have to go to toolbar and click it which takes time away. A shortcut repeat command like "spacebar" button on keyboard or right mouse button click would allow for much more seamless and more efficient workflow than having to re-click the previously used tool in the toolbar. Would also be nice if future version of Evolve would allow for customization of the center mouse button (scroll wheel) in regards to orbiting functions. Other CAD software I worked with have this option and many use center mouse wheel as orbit when pressed. The right mouse button for orbit feel ackward for all of us who have become accustomed to using the center mouse button to orbit. Lastly, when it comes to drawing and snapping curves to grid/other curves, it would be nice that a crosshair indicator or higlighted point is shown where I am about to snap my line similar to autocad and spaceclaim software where after clicking on a curve command it automatically snaps to the other curves when I hover with the mouse over it. Right now In Evolve when I want to snap the start point of a curve to a point on another curve, before clicking the left mouse button, there is no indicator/automatic snap when I hover with the mouse over the other curve which I want to snap to. Would be nice to have that. Thanks, Mark
  3. Perfect. Thank you Claudio. Mark
  4. Hi, I am new to Evolve and wondering if there is a way to orbit a zoomed-in detail of an object with precision? To explain better, when I zoom into an area of an object that I want to work on in greater detail and when I attempt to orbit around that detail ( an edge as an example), the orbit does not allow me to rotate the object with precision but instead seems to rotate the whole object about world origin which makes it impossible to orbit around the detail of that object. Is there such way to orbit a zoomed in detail of an object with higher precision? Thanks, Marko
  5. Hi, I am new to Evolve and I am trying to split a solid object into 2 independent/separate solids using a plane as a splitting tool but it doesn't work. I used "intersect tool" to split the object. The result I get is that the object is not split in 2 separate objects as I can see in the construction history. I am thinking I may need to collapse construction history in order to be able to split a solid into 2 separate parts. Prior to using Evolve I have been using SpaceClaim ( mechanical solid direct modeler) and this simple operation of splitting a solid into two separate solids using a plane as the splitting tool is a very simple and easy procedure in SpaceClaim. Thanks, Mark