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  1. Hi Steve, I took a look at your file. If you turn on the ' Arc length profiles' and 'Arc length rails' option, the issue should go away.
  2. Hi Steve, In general, curvature of a curve is 1 / r, where r is the radius of the osculating circle (the best approximating circle) so, in case of cm as current unit, it should be 1 / cm and in case of a surface, you have two curvatures, in two different directions, say k1 and k2 mean curvature is just 0.5 * (k1 + k2) , so the unit should be 1 / cm We are going to refine this tool in 2018 and add some much needed clarity.
  3. Hi SK-Scalzo, The best way to undo edit point is to use "Unedit selected/ Unedit all" option within edit points control panel. Please see the attached image. The most common reason for blends to fail is that they cannot maintain the applied continuity options. If you were forcing G2 and then change the source dramatically, the G2 might be too difficult to achieve. Evolve does not automatically switch to G1 or Positional, the blend just fails. You can solve this by redoing the blend or picking the edge with continuity and editing the value to relax the constraints. If it helps, I can take a look at the file if you can attach it to this thread.
  4. Hi Avishai, This feature is not available in 2017. We are aware of this particular need for customers to suspend history calculations and are working diligently to make this feature available in later versions.
  5. Hi Steve, Please attach the source file. The differences are mostly due to curve properties. I can take a look at it.
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