Need help with Online Learning - Cylinders -Filleting A Tube

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Hi, hope someone can help with this one. I've been trying out some of the online learning exercises on the solidThinking site ( Under Support menu-online learning) One of them is called Cylinders - Filleting A Tube. I find it quite difficult to follow as it goes too fast, even though I've paused it and rewinded it, I still find I'm missing steps. For example, after the 2 cylinders are boolean unioned and the edge inbetween has been rounded. I don't know how the tops and bottoms of the cylinders disappear after the 'demonstrator' has clicked on them! There's got to be a function you do before to make that happen, and there's no way of making out what it is.

Also, this example uses solidThinking on windows and I'm using solidThinking on a mac, so the icons and toolbars are slightly different which is possibly why I'm having a problem with it.

So anyone who uses solidThinking on a mac know how to fillet a tube?? any advice would be great thanks!

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after the 2 cylinders are rounded press "C" and collapse hystory.

Now you can select top&bottom surfaces and delete them.

You can do the same thing with "Shell"tool(less steps)

this tutorial is made with an old version of sT (4.1 i think about 2001 :-)

mac/win interfaces are identical



P.S.:for any question fell free to contact me.

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