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    Just got the results for my optimization I started - it seems like your boundary conditions (stamping) isn't suitable for your designspace - or you have to decrease the "min. feature thickness". Felix
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    Hi Rahul, That's an impressive model! A few things I would suggest: 1. Delete all parts inside the model Browser which are not needed 2. Run the optimization for "max. stiffness" first - to find out what is an achievable SF with the "min. feature" thickness you are using 3. Take this info back into account for the "min. mass" optimization Regards, Felix
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    Hi Rahul, Welcome to the sT Forum! Feel free to share your *.stmod with us, so we can have a look whats wrong there. Regards, Felix
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    We were waiting to Evolve 2018 to get a perpetual/permanent license... Are you completely determined about this decision? If that is the case we will swich to other packages. Thanks.