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    solidThinking, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our new and improved design and support forum. This new forum provides a multitude of great new features for users which include: Easier/Faster to use interface Modern interface Member profile sections – Great for building community Integrated Gallery for uploading all of your sT related photos Downloads section for sharing and collaboration with sT files Real-Time Chat Room for further sT collaboration and support Ability to upload user avatar Customizable forum search for finding exactly what you need Fast registration with Twitter or Facebook One click sharing tools One click email subscription to forums Many more… Use your existing account user name and password to sign into the solidThinking forum to explore all of the exciting new features for yourself. If you do not have a user name and password that will allow you to contribute to the forum and connect to the coolest people on earth, click on the green box labeled “Create Account” located in the top right corner of any solidThinking forum webpage to create one. We promise it is super quick and easy. We remain excited for the opportunity to provide optimal support to our users through the many improved features offered by this forum, and hope if you haven’t already, that you will join our forum community soon!
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    Hello and thank you for making an incredible product. My question is as follows: is the newest version of Maxwell Render 2.7 compatible with Solidthinking 9.0? I select the render correctly inside Solidthinking, and then proceed to make a very simple scene setup, like a ball and a plane. I click render scene and Maxwell does open up full screen but it starts it render time saying it has 2 hours left. 2 hours for a ball and plane? It may be something on my end but it shouldn't be, most 3d programs have a small window that pops up and allows interacting rendering between the 3d app and Maxwell. I was wondering if there was a dedicated plugin for Solidthinking, and if there is, where can I get it? Not that it is a huge issue because I think that the renderer inside Solidthinking is good, I just want to explore some more options. Also, when can we see some more tutorials for this awesome piece of software. You have a lot of old ones on your site that really need to be updated. I'm really hoping to see more soon. Thank you as always. Shaun.
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    Hello, I was wondering when the new training manuals for Solidthinking 9.0 would be released? I'm having some issues with a couple of the new tools and would like some additional information on how to use them. Thanks!
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    I am trying to solve an exercise proposed by Mark Banas in his book-TECHNIQUES solidThinking, camera, trying to round the edges with varying degrees, always gives error, can you help me?
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    I badly know English language, I will ask therefore questions shortly: 1. Why there are no such bindings, how the Middle (for example, to the middle of a line), Centre (for example, centre of a circle or a square), the Perpendicular? 2. Why there is auxiliary geometry, for example, no guide lines? 3. I want to learn to write plug-ins to the program solidThinking, but I can not find PDK anywhere (Plugins Development Kit). Thanks.
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    Hi, when setting number of sample up to 150 or 300 in the simple sky light. the rendering get stuck. I use to do that before and I had no problems. looks like the max number of samples accepted is 10. Do you know the couse of this? br davide
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    Whether you are new to the solidThinking community or a veteran user, every software tip and trick can add up to make a world of difference when working on a design. In an effort to offer our loyal customers useful information and foster collaboration, we are offering a featured tip or trick every month. This month we offer you a brief series of keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient when using solidThinking. We invite you to watch the video below to see these keyboard shortcuts in action. Keyboard Shorcuts Ctrl+Spacebar – re-activate the previous modeling tool Alt+Spacebar – toggle between Edit Parameters mode and Edit Points mode Alt+Left Click – select objects while in Edit Parameters mode Ctrl+T (Command+T)mac – fit selected object to the current view H – Hide/Unhide selected objects Ctrl+Alt+D – turntable animation
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    Hi, happy new year! Does any body know if I can use 3D connexion mouses with ST: http://www.3dconnexion.com/index.php cheers
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    Hi, The fillet tool fail when I try to apply to the attached image and 3D drawing (radius 2 and tollerances 0,001). can somebody help me to understand why? br Davide
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    Hi, I have problems in exporting the attached file into STEP format; ST 8.0 crashes or the output file have missing parts. Can somebody help me with it? cheers Davide ps.... I could not up load the file in the post.... I get the following message: error: 'E:\wwwroot\YAF_ST\Uploads\274.3 components.rar.yafupload'.
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    Hi, hope someone can help with this one. I've been trying out some of the online learning exercises on the solidThinking site ( Under Support menu-online learning) One of them is called Cylinders - Filleting A Tube. I find it quite difficult to follow as it goes too fast, even though I've paused it and rewinded it, I still find I'm missing steps. For example, after the 2 cylinders are boolean unioned and the edge inbetween has been rounded. I don't know how the tops and bottoms of the cylinders disappear after the 'demonstrator' has clicked on them! There's got to be a function you do before to make that happen, and there's no way of making out what it is. Also, this example uses solidThinking on windows and I'm using solidThinking on a mac, so the icons and toolbars are slightly different which is possibly why I'm having a problem with it. So anyone who uses solidThinking on a mac know how to fillet a tube?? any advice would be great thanks!
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    I’ve only been using Inspired for a few hours so please correct me if I’ve missed something. I’ve noticed that when gravity is included, there are several redundant members left in the final model. I assume the analysis has left them in as they are required support there own weight. To avoid this anomaly would it be possible to include a feature whose iterations had two stages for when gravity is included? For example: Iteration ‘1a’ wouldn’t include gravity and would only be used to remove elements whose strain is close to zero, while Iteration ‘1b’ would run normally including gravity. (I’ve attached a pdf showing my observations) I realise this would increase the analysis run time, but assuming what I’ve said is correct, I think it would be worth the wait. Inspired_Gravity.pdf
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    Often need to go back to the same perspetive/camera stand when I need more renderings of the same scene but with differnt parts visible. I do this by adding a new camera, in wich I then do the modelling. When I want to render I go back to my first perspective/camera. But sometimes I accidentaly move around in the scene and my "viewpoint" is lost unless I write all settings down on a note. Is there a way to lock the camera so I can not move around in the scene? Or a way to remember different camera standpoints?
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    Hi, Any ideer about compatibility between Apples new OS and ST Evolve?
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    I'd like to create 1 "spline" made out of multiple segments of straight lines so that I can lathe it. Imagine the top of a castle (parapet). How do you make a single object in that shape? When I draw the lines, they all come up at separate objects. I can't figure out how to join them either. How would I join 2 splines together. Help much appreciated.
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    Hi, something strange now is happening..... when lunching the rendering i get the following message: "Unable to create the output file" I can't render please help.... 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ 8-[
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    Hi, i'm a registered and logged user. How to download attached files? Is it possible??? Thank you, Claudio.
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    Hello I have some inquiry about solidThinking 8.5. Attached are some errors I found after some tests. let me know please...
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    I like to thank Solid thinking team for the great improvements that I found in the version 8.5 Drawing with ST it is again a pleasure. Please continue with the great job! BRAVO! =d> =d> =d> \:D/
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    I like to thank Solid thinking team for the great improvements that I found in the version 8.5 Drawing with ST it is again a pleasure. Please continue with the great job! BRAVO! =d> =d> =d> \:D/
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    Hi, I cant place the center point to rotatete the objects that I need. please find the attached video. What I am doing wrong? It looks like that the pointer go crazy? br Davide
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    Hi I wanted to know how to reset tool menu( or all of them) to default mode. It has vanish and cant find it. I read about the default bottom but in version 5.5 i dont see it. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks Manny
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    Hi, I've got a trial version of solidThinking on my macbook at the moment. Am I allowed to get another trial version when the first one has expired??
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    Hi, I would like to generate a honeycomb material map in ST do you know how I can achieve a realistic output without model it in 3D? thanks
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    Hi, some time I have problem with basic transform tools: Moving, scaling or rotating objects. I am using normaly ST and after some time the transform tools go crazy. For example: I have a obeject selected, I press "T" to start Translate, when i click and drag with the mouse the object disappear from the view and start moving illogically (I move the mouse up to be able to move the object down). I tried to re-install ST but nothing. I also installed ST8.0 in different PC with Win XP 32bit with Vista 64bit; same problem. ](*,) I have to re-start ST to be able to continue. Did any body experience something like that? 8-[ BR Davide