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  1. 任何有关Evolve 2018的消息?

    Unfortunately development for v2018 has taken much longer than anticipated in order to make the advancements needed. We are literally working day and night to get this completed as quickly as possible, but it is still too early to state a release date. I did state earlier that we will likely have subscription based licensing for the next version, but doesn't necessarily mean that we will not have other options. No decisions have been finalized at this point.
  2. Quiet forum

    Sorry for the lack of response here in the forums. We have not done a great job of monitoring and will be addressing this.
  3. Use of dimensions in Evolve

    If you are trying to change the location of the dimension text you can adjust it in the the modeling tool panel to the right. Not sure if that is what you are referring to.
  4. Evolve opens multiple instances of the program

    We don't currently support managing multiple files in one instance of Evolve.
  5. Edit point detached from line

    Sounds like a bug. If you attach the file we can have a look and get it fixed.
  6. Newbie questions

    To create a tangent line you can use the Tangent Snap.
  7. Evolve 2018

    There will be significant improvements to the drawing/2D layout tools in 2018. Our licensing will be changing to a subscription format in 2018. Compensation will be provided for anyone who purchased v2017 that wish to upgrade to v2018. I can't tell you exact numbers at this time, but I can say that it will be a better deal if you already have v2017.
  8. isolating a surface from projected lines

    When you apply the trim tool there is an option in the modeling tool panel for trimming perpendicular to surface. That should do what you are looking for.
  9. Version branching in Construction Tree

    Thanks for the feedback. We are always happy to hear suggestions. It's a great idea and I have added this to our list. Hopefully we can add this type of functionality in the near future. Thanks again,
  10. PolyNURBS objects

    We do allow all of these types of conditions, but as you said, you may create some issues with surface continuity, so it is best to avoid those wherever possible. Thanks,
  11. Snapping to quad

    Currently we don't have a snap option for this. It is on our to-do-list for the next version. Thanks,
  12. Release Evolve and some questions.

    We are still working diligently on v2018. We are shooting to release it by end of the first quarter to early in the second quarter of this year. It is essentially a completely new product with the same power of the previous version, but with a fresh UI and streamlined workflows for every tool and process. We have rewritten all of our deformation tools and can cover much of what you have described here with our Stretch and Drape tools. We will continue to add more deformation tools in the future including a new Lattice tool to cover additional use cases. Thanks, -Darren
  13. Repeat command

    Hi Mark, To re-activate the last tool used you can press Control+Spacebar.
  14. How to create solid bodies using loft feature?

    If you have a group of surfaces that make a closed volume and want it to be a solid you just need to select the Combine tool and select all the surfaces. This will make the resulting object a true solid.
  15. Evolve vs Rhino

    Comparing responsiveness between Rhino and Evolve is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Rhino is simply a surface modeler without parametrics or full construction history. Evolve is a surface, solid, and polygonal modeler all with full construction history. If you find that construction history is not needed and slowing the modeling process, you always have the option to remove construction history, which will speed up calculation time. The geometry in Evolve is based on Parasolid, which is very robust and allows models to be passed to any CAD or CAM tool without geometry inherent with surface modelers. So in this context it is like complaining about your 200mph Ferrari not getting the same fuel economy as your Prius. Evolve also runs natively on Mac and is EXACTLY the same as the Windows version. This is difficult from the development perspective, as can be seen in Rhino's efforts on Mac. Having said all that, we are working on a completely new version of Evolve for 2018 that will be much easier to use and learn, and is being optimized to run as efficiently as possible. Stay tuned.