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    Inspired – Including Gravity

    The model wasn't anything specific; I was just trialling the software. You answer has answered my question thanks Brian
  2. I’ve only been using Inspired for a few hours so please correct me if I’ve missed something. I’ve noticed that when gravity is included, there are several redundant members left in the final model. I assume the analysis has left them in as they are required support there own weight. To avoid this anomaly would it be possible to include a feature whose iterations had two stages for when gravity is included? For example: Iteration ‘1a’ wouldn’t include gravity and would only be used to remove elements whose strain is close to zero, while Iteration ‘1b’ would run normally including gravity. (I’ve attached a pdf showing my observations) I realise this would increase the analysis run time, but assuming what I’ve said is correct, I think it would be worth the wait. Inspired_Gravity.pdf