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  1. Andy Bartels

    Plane And Sketches By Them Self In Project Browser

    Christoffer, We agree. We have plans to allow the translation of the sketch planes in a future release. Andy
  2. Andy Bartels

    Mesh Discretization

    Hi Paul, We had to remove the super smooth results in Inspire 9.0 because of performance issues with larger models. However, we are working hard to add new smoothing technology by the fall of this year. Andy
  3. Andy Bartels

    Inspired – Including Gravity

    Hi Brian, Do you have more background on the model? What is it? Gravity is best used with very large structures that have load cases with well defined (in magnitude) forces. If you have a tower, and apply a 1 N load to the top of it and run the solution, the load path will appear the same as if you added a 10,000 N load. If you add gravity to the first example, the results will be more or less incorrect because the difference in magnitudes are enormous (1N vs 1000's of N for the tower). A better approach would be to apply a load on the bottom of the structure acting downward. It isn't going to be perfect, but the overall load paths should be similar. If you approach the problem this way, you can create multiple load cases, one with just the downward acting load, and one with the downward acting load and the side load. You can then run them independently to see the contribution from each load case. I believe you will see a much more discrete answer approaching the problem in this manner. -Andy