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  1. Surface Continuity - A Comparison

    Hi Steve, The Arc Lenght checkbox activates an internal reconstruction of the curves before to process them trough the Loft tool. It would be kind of the same if you would do that by hand on the curves and then apply the Loft tool. The advantage of having it as an option in the tool is that it is much faster and you can use it also on surface edges. Antonio
  2. Suppress or Delay Update of Feature

    If you really are in difficulty with this and you accept to take some risks, you could do this way: while you are translating, dragging, or rotating some points, if you just release the mouse button you get the update. So the trick is to pres ESC key BEFORE to release the mouse button. The points will remain there but you will not get any update and you can go on with all the other changes the same way. This makes you model temporarily non consistent due to a lack of update, so this is dangerous. Make sure you don't use the ESC key as you do the last change, or whenever you want the update to be calcuated. Now, this should be used by expert users only, since it is risky and not officially supported. As Arjun said we are willing to implement this type of control in a complete way, so what I said above is just a temporary workaround if you really need that. Antonio
  3. Surface Continuity - A Comparison

    Hi Steve, these two method are quite different since in the first you make a Loft without taking into consideration the last curve and getting a more straight shape, and then you make another Loft which is forced to take the edge of the first one as a reference for G2 continuity and so there is no way for it to modify the first Loft. This method generates for sure more points because of the higher level of constraints you are applying. The second is way lighter since you give all the curves from the beginning and you leave more freedom to the Loft tool to make a shape that better interpolate all the curves. You still get continuity in the middle, maybe even higher than G2, but that is an internal continuity (internal to the surface itself) that is way easier to achieve. You might get another variation by making the first Loft from curve 2 to curve 3, and then making another Loft with G2 continuity in the middle edge. This would be the same as the first one bit with a different shape, since you get the more flat part between curve 2 and 3, and then the more curved one after the continuity point. Hope this clarifies. Ciao! Antonio
  4. Evolve/Mac OSX = Crash

    Ciao Stefano, ho visto che hai scritto anche all'indirizzo del supporto tecnico allegando il grab della schermata del crash. Purtroppo quello che si legge li', per quanto utile, e' incompleto perché gran parte non si vede nell'immagine. Ti chiederei quindi di usare lo stesso indirizzo email per inviarmi il crashlog completo col quale potremo capire la natura del crash e dirti come risolverlo. Proseguiamo quindi la conversazione via mail, OK? Ciao! Antonio Flores
  5. Evo 2015 - Intel Video Driver Problem

    Hi Tom, I would try to go on the Preferences panel in the View tab, click Advanced OpenGL, disable all the checkboxes and restart the program. This way Evolve uses the graphic card in a much more basic way and there are good chances to make it work. This is just a first step to better understand the problem. Depending on the result we wiil then take some decisions. Please let me know what happens afer you follow the steps above: if it still crashes or not. Ciao! Antonio
  6. Shrinkwrap feature?

    Maybe you refer to the Linear Stretch or to the Stretch tool that are deformation tools where you can follow the shape of a curve stating from a straight geometry (Linear Stretch) or from a curved geometry (Stretch). If I understood correctly, there is anothewr one named Surf Drape that lets you do the same by following the shape of a surface instead of using a curve and this should solve your problem. All of these and the other tools of solidThinking can be used together with the Combine tool that lets you apply the same tool to a selection of objects instead of being limited to one single.
  7. Honeycomb material

    Here is a material I just created using an image I found on the web and generating a bump mup from it trough image editing. Then I put them on an object in sT and I played a bit with the shaders. The result can be improved a lot by just playing a bit more but it is a good starting point. Open the sT file and you will see how I did it just looking at the shading panel. In order to use the textures I provided, just put them in a new folder named "HoneyComb" you have to create inside the "Textures" folder and then sT will find them.
  8. Surface to solid?

    Here is a list of learning material you can use. Help on line: If you open the help on line of solidThinking from the menu, you will find the "Tutorials" section with 3 tutorials: Getting started, Teapot and Chair. I also contain details for any existing tool and function. Tutorials & Manuals: At the bottom of the page you also find the 3 reference manuals and the Training course manual that is the most recommended learning tool. Tips and Tricks: Online Learning: See It: There are 5 sections in the bottom half of the page where you can find many videos that you can also stop and use as tutorials.
  9. Starting from version 8.0 there is also another option. Just do File->Open and in the list of formats you will find "sT-Adv". This option will lwt you open the following native formats : Catia, SolidWorks, Pro/E, NX, Acis, JtOpen and I-DEAS.
  10. Hi Francesco, after you installed the Maxwell Materials what you need to do is to open the Materials browser, click the button above "Categories" and "Tags", click "Browse for library" and then click "Browse" on the next panel. You will be able to browse your hard disk to select the folder where the materials are installed. Select the \User\Shared\solidThinking_8.0\MaterialLib\4 folder and confirm. That folder will be scanned and the materials will be added in the Materials toolbar. Antonio Flores
  11. optistruct crash in st8_ins

    Hi, did you already send the error report and the details on what you was doing (the scene, the loading conditions, parameters and also computer configuration) to te technical support? If not, please write to so that we can check the exact conditions and let you know where is the problem and how to solve.
  12. snow leopard compatibility

    Hi Jay, the 8.0 version is the first one that introduce the Snow Leopard (10.6.x) support while 7.6 is the first one that introduces the support for Leopard (10.5.x) , so you will be able to run solidThinking 7.5 at 100% under Tiger (10.4.x) and with some minor interface problems also under Leopard (10.5.x). On Snow Leopard,sT 7.5 would be quite impossible to use and for sure it would not be productive. Hope this helps. If you need more help just let me know. Antonio Flores
  13. toolbar

    Yes, correct, the General tab og the Preferences panel contains a button to reset the interface. Then you need to close and open solidThinking again.
  14. Real time rendering

    I am happy to inform you that the next release will feature it. Very soon we will provide more details about the release date trough our web-site. Stay tuned! Thanks.
  15. Plug-in for Maxwell Render

    Hi Scott, what a strange problem! Strange and unioque because doing the same things on other Macs it works fine so it must be something specific on your computer. Put the folder "4" inside the "MaterialsLib" folder, launch solidThinking and if does not crash just choose solidMaxwell as rendering engine and quit solidThinking. Now verify that launching the program it crashes. If this happens, launch the Terminal application from the Utility folder and copy and paste this command "chmod -R 777 /Users/Shared/solidThinking_7.6/MaterialsLib/4" inside the Terminal window. Please check inside the Terminal window that there must be nothing before "chmod" and nothing after ".../MaterialsLib/4". Now just hit enter to apply the command. Once this is done, launch solidThinking and check if everything works fine. If not, locate the "solidThinking_7.6.ini" file inside the /Library/Preferences of your user folder (the home icon) and MOVE (NOT copy) it on the Desktop. Now launch the program an let me know what happens.