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  1. After running optimization, you can use 'Fit' option and then save it as stp/parsolid/iges. You can also create PolyNURBS which can be saved as stp/parasollid/iges as well.
  2. FEM import scale

    While exporting fem deck, make sure you are using SI system (mm), Inspire will always read fem deck in SI system
  3. @engineblock Seems like this model is not fully supported, also try adding some torque / moments, in real applications, one always see some kind of non-planer loads, those can be simulated is torque. You can send this model to me to look at.
  4. Inspire Suddenly Running Slow

    Dane, Make sure Inspire is using NVIDIA graphics card, you may to change it in the NVIDIA>Manage 3D settings>Program Settings> this should solve your slow performance issue - Jaideep
  5. How can I optimize this base?

    Hello John, Sure, solidThinking team can help get you started. There are many online resources that you can use Self Paced Training Material and Tutorials:http://www.solidthinking.com/SupportTutorials.aspx?category=Support&item=Tutorials You can also join one the local training classes. Can you IM me your contact information, location, company name? BTW, this is perfect example for topology optimzation. - Jaideep
  6. Mesh Type Used By Inspire

    Optistruct is an engine running in the back for Inspire. You can find various papers etc on Optistruct on the internet. This is a commercial software, for business reasons, core code is not available.
  7. Mesh Type Used By Inspire

    Sandeep, Inspire uses combination of HyperMesh and Simlab for meshing, both are the best meshing tools.
  8. Hello, Your setup looks good and work for analysis as well as optimization. Check below images. Which version of Inspire you are using? Make sure you have read/access to documents folder (default run directory). Send me a message with your contact details, we can chat over a webmeeting.
  9. CJD, Agree with you. We are adding more detailed error message, pinpointing to the problem area. Also please check out online self-paced training material here:http://solidthinking.com/training/2017/inspire/introduction.htm this will help you get started and also to avoid common mistakes. feel free to contact us anytime. Meanwhile, i will let development team know your comments.
  10. Optimisation for center of gravity

    Yosef, can you please elaborate on your above point? Inspire can optimize for max stiffness, min mass, but for now you can't fix the CG and then optimize for that location.
  11. Failed optimization

    Hello Jamie, Check your graphics drivers, make sure all are updated to the latest version. Also, change graphics card setting such that it will use NVIDIA card for Inspire. Let me know if this helps. Jaideep
  12. topology optimization bionic structure

    This optimized lattice structure is solved and created using Optistruct, a powerful solver that is also an engine for Inspire. For now, Inspire don't have this feature enabled and one will use Optistruct to create this structure. Checkout http://www.altairhyperworks.com/.
  13. Results Files

    Advanced users can take h3d file from run data to HyperView to view intermediate results from the optimization process. For now this feature is not available within Inspire, but will definitely is in future enhancement list.
  14. Problem with model

    Markus, i downloaded your files, running few tests, will send you update asap. BTW, I would encourage not modeling hydraulic cylinders, instead use forces to represent hydraulic cylinder. regards, Jaideep
  15. PolyNURB Wrap/Bridge Feature Fault

    It usually happens when you perform the bridge between two faces which are obtuse, So the faces get pulled resulting in a twisted geometry. This results in self intersecting case. Try removing a cage or two using Shift + Select in +/- mode. Then add section/bridge. Also try aligning faces before bridging,