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  1. Linux version

    I too would appreciate a Linux version. Linux is all grown up now, and much more stable than Windows. Ideally, it would not be tied to a specific commercial distribution, but compatible across distros. I run Debian, with a XP VM running under KVM, but having the program work natively on Linux would certainly improve performance. I can appreciate the licensing issues that may involve as Linux is a multi-user OS, but that should not be a show stopper. There are plenty of licensed CAD programs that already work fine with a local licensing server. Both ATI and NVidia have fairly good proprietary drivers for Linux now, so that should not be an impediment either. OS independence would likely mean Java, and I can't say that would be a good thing for a program like Evolve.
  2. I think the forum site is well done, which is hard to say for a lot of forum sites. One thing that would (in my opinion) make navigation a bit less mouse intensive would be to have the thread preview button that appears in the center of the page, instead be in a narrow first column, near the thread title link. -t
  3. Greetings, Spent literally a couple of hours on the website being absolutely blown away by this program. I watched every video at least twice, and viewed every image. I'm coming back into CAD after a fairly long hiatus. I'm a prior AutoCAD guy, dabbled in in SolidWorks and had a stint with MasterCAM for rapid prototyping aluminum castings, but clearly the world has changed in a big way. Wow. I've started a new company where I need to be the one to develop the model, 3D print the prototype parts and molds for some elastomer parts I'll need to make, and produce real looking visuals. Is Evolve all I need, or will I need to export the model to test assemblies for motion functionality/interference, animation of the parts, create photo-realistic renderings, etc. Is Evolve really doing all those renderings itself? If you use external programs with Evolve, what are they, and how do they compliment it? Trying to figure out what I'll need and how much ching doing what I want will really cost me... -- Thanks, t