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  1. ST compatible with 3D connexion products?

    Hi, I'm using 9.5 and although the device works inside the program, there seems to be no configuration options as in other supported apps. I believe I can create custom profiles using the device's own utility app but some functions like the various modes can't be set or changed, and the ability to lock the horizon (a very useful function) can't be set. Evolve's keyboard shortcuts seem limited in number and I don't believe there's an option to reassign or add shortcuts, although my unit only has 2 buttons, this is not overly important but one function I would really like to assign to both the keyboard and the device is the "Fit whole model" button from the viewport which (as you explained to me in another post) is the best way to overcome the erratic orbit behaviour I've been experiencing. I confess that I am only at the very early "beginner" level of competency with evolve so I would not be familiar with many of its finer capabilities or it's use so can only report that which feels "odd" or non-intuitive to me personally. The limited number of free tutorial assets, in particular video tutorials (with audio) is another hinderance in learning what is clearly a very powerful and full featured program and as a consequence I tend to fall back to what I am already familiar with. I wish I had more time to devote to mastering evolve.
  2. ST compatible with 3D connexion products?

    Here we are nearly 2 years since the last post and still no support for 3dconnexion devices. Any idea of a more specific timeframe for seeing support for these? I just bought one and love it, and I'm surprised that ST have not yet introduced support for them.
  3. Reverse The Default Orbit Behaviour

    Hi Darren, Yes - the issue is with all models in the perspective viewport. It just feels counter intuitive to have the model rotate in the opposite direction to the mouse. Interestingly, if the mouse cursor is above the model in the view the direction of rotation is correct and as expected, however if the cursor is below the model the opposite is true. I hope that should an option get included, it makes the rotation behaviour consistant regardless of where the mouse cursor is positioned at the start. A simple reverse toggle will only flip the two opposing actions and continue to be counter intuitive. My preferred behaviour is for the scene/model to pivot from the point where the initial mouse click occurs. This is how Cinema 4D behaves and to me feels right. I hope this all makes sense.
  4. Although we have several options to change *some* of the UI colors - in particular backgrounds, there does not seem to be a matching option to change the *foreground* text colors. I like using a generally dark UI (less eye strain) but to do so requires a light text color - an option which is currently missing. I hope you consider adding this option in a future update.
  5. I am glad to see that we now have an option to reverse the mouse zoom behaviour with the middle mouse button. Sadly, there is no similar option to reverse the default orbit motion in the perspective viewport. It still drives me crazy when dragging in one direction and the object revolves in the wrong direction (for me). If this could be made optional like the zoom issue, it would certainly make me very happy.
  6. Reverse Direction Of Scroll Wheel Zoom

    When might we expect to see 9.5 released? Also, it seems a little hard to get a retail price for this app - why is that?
  7. Scroll Wheel Zooming

    Ok, nice - but now that I have the layout the way I want, how do I make it the default or even save it?
  8. One of the features I found in other apps is the ability to use the scroll wheel to increment/decrement values for parameters that are often associated with sliders. At the moment, the user needs to *type* in the values - it would be nice and efficient to allow using the scroll wheel up/down to alter these values. Combining this action with say the shift or control or alt key could change the coarseness of the change - eg: shift could update by 0.1, control by 0.01, alt by 0.001. This would make the workflow far more efficient and eliminate the need to keep moving your hands between the keyboard and the mouse. Adding small *spinner* controls to these input boxes would also help - again, linking the *fineness* of the change via shift/control/alt keys.
  9. exporting importing to cinema 4D

    I know this is an old post, but I think you can do this via DXF or some other shared format, but c4d is not a nurbs editor and I'm not sure it supports the many nurbs formats.
  10. Customizable Short Cut

    I 2nd the request.
  11. Reverse Direction Of Scroll Wheel Zoom

    I just posted the exact same request elsewhere - (before seeing this post) - so I too would love to see this option.
  12. Scroll Wheel Zooming

    I was wondering if it's possible (maybe via a config file or something) to change the way zooming is done with the scroll wheel? At the moment scrolling forward zooms out and scrolling backwards zooms in - I would like to have this reversed to match nearly every other graphic app I use including Photoshop. Related to this request is the capacity to remap/reassign keyboard shortcuts as well as mouse button functionallity for panning, zooming and rotating the view camera. Speaking of views: I would also like to see the option to create/save my own layouts - in particular I am used to having the perspective view at the top left instead of top right in 3d apps.