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  1. Hi Again Arjun, You got me thinking when you suggested using "File-Import/merge" and I found another way to transfer camera views. Normally I always group my camera views into a folder (just to keep things in order) so I thought, what if I just copy/paste the folder with all the camera views into the different versions of Evolve, and it worked. I found that you can also do this between different files. For example, if you have some nice camera views in one file and want to use the same camera views in a new file, just copy/paste them. You just need to put all your camera views into a folder. Hope this can be of some help to others as well. Steve
  2. Hi Arjun, I will try it. Thank you very much for your help with this issue. Best regards Steve
  3. Is it possible to transfer camera views saved in Evolve 2016 to Evolve 2017? Thanks for any suggestions on this matter. Steve