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  1. Hi! What I would like is, what i'm asking for in the topic. How I can go from my topology optimized model to a finished product. I would like to go directly from the coarse model that looks like it have corroded for hundred of years, to a smooth finished product that looks like the bones from a bird or something. It seems like the fine-coarse option were removed from the newer versions of inspire? How can I, in Evolve, smoothen this coarse object? This without just tracing the parts and building it up from the beginning? It would be nice to see a tutorial of this, mayby like the whole Morphogenesis Venom Bike? Best regards/Christoffer Mårtensson
  2. Edit: In INSPIRE I'm finding it hard to extrude away material from example the middle of a part, and I can not make a plane from there. Now i need to choose a plane from witch i can extrude the part as a solid, translate it to the right coordinate and then use a boolean. Having planes and sketches as own fetures in the project browser would help this. Then you could place the plane with an offset to the first coordinate system.