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    text on a curve

    Hello, I'm a beginner and would like to understand if there is a command that allows to adapt a text on a curve, the equivalent of what in Illustrator is called "Text on a path." Imagine having a curve and want to scroll a text that follows the shape ..... there is no possibility of making such an operation? thank you Stefano
  2. Stefano

    Scroll Along The Curve

    Ciao Claudio, grazie della risposta e grazie di aver risposto in italiano dato che sono italiano anche io ho provato il tuo esempio, e ho capito anche l'errore, in pratica io usavo un cerchio a 360° e questo (oltre ad aver sbagliato l'asse di strech) mi creava dei problemi usando curve o anche un cerchio ma fino a 359° non ho problemi.... grazie Stefano
  3. Stefano

    Scroll Along The Curve

    Sorry for the english but I'm using translategoogle. Thank you, I tried but I can uba strange thing, where am I wrong? I see you can do step by step. Stefano
  4. Stefano

    Scroll Along The Curve

    Hello, I wanted to know if there is a command that is similar to that of Rhinoceros "scroll along the curve" where an 'object practically flowing along a curve choice. thanks prima.tiff "scroll along the curve" dopo.tiff