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  1. MadMushroom

    polynurbs issues with close fit

    Hi Nigel, from my point of view it is not possible within Inspire to do this automatically. You should do it manually by splitting the polynurb in 2 or 3 and move the vertices. MM.
  2. MadMushroom

    Save the result

    Hi Felix, can you specify how to do this? Thanks!
  3. MadMushroom

    Design Violations

    You must increase your design space. In your current setup there is no room to take material away. That's why there is a design violations: even with a completely filled design space, the part is not strong enough. Good luck! S.
  4. MadMushroom

    Thermal Optimization

    We did some tests in the past but the thermal input did not effect the results.
  5. MadMushroom

    Case study with Inspire

    Hi all, recently we finished a project in collaboration with ASCO industries in which we made the redesign of a gooseneck bracket which is produced by additive manufacturing. The complete optimization and design is done with Inspire. I hope this can INSPIRE some among you :). If you want more information about the project you can use this link Best regards! S.
  6. MadMushroom

    Inspire simple geometry creation

    Hi CJD160, i faced the same problem but found a solution. just click the "transfer sketch" button as shown below and the sketch will be transferred into a new part. Best regards, Simon
  7. MadMushroom

    Reduce calculation time of polynurbs

    Hi Felix, It is a performance issue; I have a lot of lag when I'm handling the polynurbs parts. I will send you the model through your link. Thanks, Simon
  8. Hi all, I experienced that when I connect a lot of polynurbs to each other, the file because almost impossible to handle. So I had the idea to split the part in different polynurbs again. But despite the fact I removed some areas, the different polynurbs bodies stay in one part and it keeps very heavy to handle. Is there a way to solve this? I already tried to use section planes but this doesn't help... Thank you! Simon
  9. MadMushroom

    Parts disappear while dragging

    Dear Jaideep, thanks a lot for your quick answer! Option 2 causes the problem. Is there a way to replace the origin of the part by the origin of the assembly so it stays in the same place? Another problem I'm facing is that when I'm dragging parts where loads or fixtures are attached to, the loads and fixtures disappear. I tried to fix this by checking "rotate with part" but this doesn't solve the problem... If you want to take a look at the file I can only send it by mail (because of confidential reasons...) Thanks! Simon
  10. Dear, I have an urgent question regarding re-arranging parts in Inspire. When I drag parts in the tree to another sub assembly they just disappear. Nevertheless their volume/mass keeps the same in the tree. But I just can't see them. How can I fix this problem? Thanks, Simon
  11. MadMushroom

    A lot of files

    Dear Felix, thanks for your answer. Unfortunatly I allready changed this location a few weeks ago but he keeps saving files in the documents folder on my c-drive. Especially the folder "deserializedResults" becomes very big (12GB) But not as big as the 104GB of the folder on my D-Drive. Can I just delete those files and still have acces to the models if I open the Inspire files? Thanks, Simon
  12. MadMushroom

    Optimization for casting

    Hello, currently we are doing a project in which we are optimizing a part in function of casting. The problem is that the shapes that Inspire creates are rather exotic. Even by using the split draw constraint the shape has several undercuts what makes that we need a complicated mould to cast the part. From our point of view it should be very valuable if we can: - optimize in function of casting - define an irregular split plane (not just a flat plane) Looking forward to see this in the new version of Inspire! Best regards, Simon
  13. MadMushroom

    A lot of files

    Also with Inspire there is a gigantic amount of files with big filesize (12GB) stored in my documents folder. What's the impact of deleting those files? For what reason are they stored in another location than wehere the original files are placed? S.
  14. MadMushroom

    Apply G-Force In Solidthinking Inspire

    Matthieu, thank you for your reply. We are looking forward to this further developments. Simon
  15. Hi all, I'm in the testing phase of this interesting software and I'm wondering if it's possible to apply G-forces in multiple directions on a part. Did anyone allready succeed or tried to do this? Thanks in advance! Simon