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  1. mbellon

    Extrude Character/Text?

    The core issue is placing the characters at a fixed physical pitch of my choosing. The character size is determined by the font, the spacing by the geometry of what I'm creating. The 16.6 mm picture happens to the pitch of my LEDs (on a strip) so the characters have to be centered over them. Your reported techniques agree with what I found as well. Given that I want to place nearly 200 characters, any automation is a real win, time wise. Thanks!
  2. mbellon

    Extrude Character/Text?

    I've got Evolve 2017. Consider the attached picture. It has characters placed at a specific pitch and then extrude/cut through a prism. To do this one needs to select a stencil font, place a character a very specific position (within a fraction of a mm), and extrude/cut the character through the prism. The pitch is physical (e.g. 16.6 mm) and varies depending on the design. For the life of me I don't see a good way to achieve this in Evolve... and so I'm asking for help/insight. Any ideas? mark
  3. The Evolve support team has been magnificent. Despite a frustrating debugging, they remained steadfast and eventually discovered the root cause. I'm up and running with no issues once again. Thanks Darren, Arvun and Evolve developers!
  4. I have a Mac Pro - the one that looks like a trash can - and I've been running Evolve quite happily. Unfortunately I had some software problems and had to wipe and reinstall the machine - start from scratch. During the reinstall, Mac OS 10.10.2 came out and that got loaded. I run the network license server and it installed and ran just fine. I can access a license from my laptop with no difficulty. I then installed Evolve 3969 and it just doesn't work (anymore). When I click on Evolve the screen goes white, the Evolve menu appears and then... nothing. A force quit shows that it is not responding. Since this was a wipe and reinstall there is no licensing information on my machine for Evolve. I have to have it fire up, then bring up the license Wizard so I can put in the necessary information and point it at the license server. Interestingly, if I dig into the Evolve application, locate the license wizard and click on it, it attempts to come up - and promptly give a beachball of death. Force quite says it is unresponsive. I've been without Evolve on my desktop for a few days now... and really need to use it. Help! -- mark P.S. My laptop is also running Mac OS 10.10.2 and Evolve runs fine there. Drivers?
  5. mbellon

    Centering 2D Objects, Offsets

    Not being to center relative to circles and rectangles is unfortunate. Please see about getting this kind of thing into 2015. It's not that hard and allows 2D diagrams to be built in Evolve. Many electronic components come with 2D drawings in their data sheets - nothing else - and I have to model them myself. Working from diagrams one often starts with 2D drawings and must push things around in 2D before doing extrudes and such. May I suggest you take a look at Vectric VCarvePro? Their flush and center tools? Their 2D stuff is... delightful. Evolve should be good at 2D too! Yes, the old bisect an angle was what I landed up with. Using relative coordinates it was easy to hit where I needed to be. Concentric was obvious for circles... if it was build that way. If I made a circle it would nice to select it, select a target circle and say center. Thanks! --mark
  6. Make a rectangle. Make another inside it, small that the first. How does one easily center the inner rectangle to the outer rectangle? Perhaps I want to center side-to-side, top-to-bottom or both. How about circles? Say I want a circle offset from the corner of a rectangle? Is there a nice way to that? I'm working from engineering drawings for electronic components. I draw the outer rectangle of, say, a miniature LCD display and I want to everything relative to the outer rectangle. Thanks ahead of time, ark
  7. Is there a way to take a metric CAD layout and convert it to imperial units?
  8. mbellon

    Scaling Of A Rectangle Not Working?

    Yes, I know I can snap one of a diameter of a circle to the corner, radius it properly and then extrude it to get what I need. I'm trying to understand how to do some things - to build a tool kit - so I can do what I need to do efficiently. Lots to learn here. Thanks ahead of time. Still want to know about the rectangle question.
  9. mbellon

    Scaling Of A Rectangle Not Working?

    That isn't quite what I had in mind. Using collapse appears to make a rectangle lose its "rectangleness". I need to be able to play with it as one. Let me describe what I'm doing. I'm created a mortise (a hole) and tenon (a tongue that sticks into the hole) joint. Let me explain it geometrically. Make a big rectangle say 100x100. Extrude it to some thickness. Make a rectangle on the surface, say 6x40. Trim the 6x40 half way into the material. Great you have a mortise. A tenon will go into that... except that it doesn't fit if the CAD design is run on a CNC machine. Why? The corners of the 6x40 have materials in them because the cutters - end mills - are round. There is a half radius of material in the corners. The common solution to handle this is a "dog biscuit" which is hidden under the material that has the tenon. The I've always done it - in other packages in the past - is to make a rectangle via snaps that is 6x6. One at each end of the 6x40. Now scale in direction perpendicular to the 40 direction and make it a bit more than half a tool diameter - the center of the rectangle is pinned. Making the 6x6 in Evolve was trivial. The scale didn't go as I expected. The "C" for collapse history appears to make the "rectangleness" disappear, only a curved surface remains. I want the rectangle to remain. So I need to create it without scale... and so I'm experimenting with how to do that cleanly. Any suggestions? mark
  10. mbellon

    Scaling Of A Rectangle Not Working?

    Thanks all! mark
  11. mbellon

    Scaling Of A Rectangle Not Working?

    More specifically I can only scale it and it maintains it's ratio. I can't "stretch" in one axis only due to the construction tree data (or so it says).
  12. Latest Mac version. Fire up Evolve. Make a rectangle. Bring up scale and select. I want to scale it in one direction only, say X. It says there is construction tree data area and it cannot be changed. Say what? I just created it! I've done nothing to it since its creation. So I look for the construction tree and there isn't any history data. So I resize it. I don't see history... creation followed by resize. OK... what am I missing? mark
  13. Nevermind! I figured it out. I had to be very careful in placing my end points using the Bi-Tangent Segment (line) tool. mark
  14. I have an old blueprint I working from. I need to create a trim from the geometry - I have numbers. Let me simplify this a bit so the issue should be clear. I'll describe things geometrically, not necessary as they appear on the blueprint or what be done in Evolve. There are two non-overlapping circles whose centers are on a line. Say they have a radius of 8. Now take both circles and create a concentric circle of radius 12. Draw a line that connects the center of the circles. Draw a line perpendicular to the line connecting the center of each circle such that it goes through the center of each circle and intersects the outer circle in two places. When the two perpendicular lines intersect the outer circles I need to place a rectangle such that I can connect the larger circles and use split curves to create a racetrack looking shape that can be used for a trim. It's easy - thanks Darren! - to do this arbitrarily with two circles and a rectangle. Doing this with the concentric circles and connecting with a rectangle that comes last has escaped me. I've tried different approaches - varied geometrical and tool usage -and somehow the racetrack shape is not "continuous" and so cannot be used for a trim. Another have any ideas? There has to be a tool... Thanks! mark