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  1. gbzh01

    Round tool issues

    Well, yeah, thanks so much. Do you have any hints and tricks to share?
  2. gbzh01

    Round tool issues

    Hey there I am using Evolve since quite a time and struggle all the time at the same issue when surface get complex. It is with the round tool. See the attached file. There are different surfaces meeting each other at a certain point. How do I get such constructions rounded? I sometimes changed the design just to get it done but this shouldn't be. I attached a file that shows such a complex design. Can somebody take a look and advise what needs to be done to get it rounded? temple.evo
  3. gbzh01

    Surface offset issue

    Hi Arjun What you suggest to build inner and outer surface was my way so far. I just thought I could save some time.
  4. gbzh01

    Surface offset issue

    Hi there I am struggling with an offset surface issue. When I make two surfaces and join them, the result of the offset is not as wanted. Everything is correct except on the corner where these surfaces meet each other. How can I solve that? offset_problem.evo
  5. gbzh01

    Surface Problem

    Perfect Steve, many thanks for your help. That's exactly what I was looking for.
  6. gbzh01

    Surface Problem

    Hi Steve Thanks for your input. Of course, this is not what I am looking for BUT I found out that I was a little stupid. When you have the surface, then work on the surface instead of destroying it and not being able to construct again. I should work with the program and not against it... Next question is maybe more simple but I can't figure it out: When I have the surface and I want to work with it on that points, I don't have enough of them. Especially horizontally. Somehow, I should be able to add them but I can't. Even when I copy the surface that I did with the trimming and try to work on that copy, I don't understand it. The tutorials on that possibility are very weak. I attach another file again. Can you help me here? example2.evo
  7. gbzh01

    Surface Problem

    Hi everyone I stuck at a problem and I can't overcome. Maybe somebody here can help me. I am an Industrial Designer, doing a lot of sunglasses. Since about a year, I started to draw the 3D on my own and I get better and better. I think glasses are really difficult... My problem: I wanted to overcome the last thing, these are the nosepads. So far, I just took the surface an some anquerpoints, moved them out and had a kind of a nosepad. Now, I want to control them. My workflow is the following: I draw lines for an outside frame and an inside frame. Like that, I am able to have a great control about the shape. When I do the nosepads, I suddenly have a missing inside surface which I can't generate anymore. Do you have any ideas how I could get this surface? Attached is a picture where you can see the missing surface. I also attached the file if somebody wants to try out his idea. Please help me, I am lost. example.evo
  8. gbzh01

    Evolve 2105 Mouse Wheel Issue

    Thanks Darren, I haven't done the update since you announced a warning.
  9. gbzh01

    Evolve 2015 (4848) For Mac

    Then try to install it on the guest account and leave the option that all can access/use the program in cmd-i (program information)
  10. Thanks Arjun, I tried that as well but I am still not able to do. The spine curve selection doesn't work. I understand what you mean but there is no result. Still a red object.
  11. Hi Since Evolve2015, my mouse (Logitech Performance MX) can't zoom anymore with the wheel. Are there other having zoom issues? Running Evolve on a Mac 10.10.2
  12. gbzh01

    Evolve 2015 (4848) For Mac

    I had the same problem but it depended on the mac machine. The trouble mac (mac pro) experienced the same. On that computer, there is an administrator and some user accounts. I had to install the evolve in the administrator account, then it worked.
  13. Hi there I choose specifically solid thinking because I do sunglasses. Now, I watched the Webinar about creating sunglasses which makes to me a lot of sense to try it. The guy is using a tool 'stretch surface' which I also have in version 2014 but I only can select the object and the target curve. He is able to select the spine curve, I can't. When I try to select the spine curve afterwards, my object gets red and it doesn't work. Does someone knows about? This is the link to the webinar The stretch happens around minute 10:20. I added a screen shot of what I am able to do.