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  1. Brent Saulic

    Solid Body Or Surface Body?

    Tolerance Check tool, seems to help alot. Thanks!!!
  2. Brent Saulic

    Solid Body Or Surface Body?

    I am wondering if there is any icon or tool which helps indicate if the geometry I've made is a solid body. Basically a tool that confirms its a “watertight” solid model instead of multiple surfaces. It is sometimes very important that I know that the geometry I made is solid through and through and not just a surface that appears solid. There are cases when I think I've created a solid body from surfaces, only to realize I forgot to knit something, or surfaces did not combine well enough to merge into solid body. I have been checking by doing a Boolean. A Boolean subtraction makes it clear sometimes by showing if there is an internal fill, if it is solid; versus just a trimed out hollow if its still just a surface. It would be helpful if there was some quick way the program could indicate if indeed the model, at its most current state, is a surface or a merged solid body. For example, Solidworks indicates this as a selection feature at the top of the feature tree as a surface bodies or solid body you can select as a whole. Is there some feature that does this? Something comparable would be useful in your Analyze Tab (or in the feature tree). Do you have some tutorials on Model Validation and Error Checking?
  3. Thank you!! Your instructions helped me a lot. Boolean Subtraction worked perfect!!! Thanks!!! I understand how the the Chamfer Edge feature works now Thank you!
  4. Brent Saulic

    Polynurbs Symmetry Control (X, Y, Z) ?

    Yes, that trick work perfect, thank you!! I created a Polynurb cube to Boolean subtract the polynurb in half, then mirrored as you suggested. I was initially having a lot of difficult, but once I was really careful about ensuring the mirror is place symmetrical on the X axis using SNAP TO GRID, every thing mirrored fine. It is still a little disconcerting to modify one side then have to wait a few 3-8 seconds for the whole thing to rebuild, depending upon the length of the construction tree after the poly-cube. So there is a little lag to see the results of my manipulation, which is fine, but i am looking forward to seeing your symmetry option implemented, it sounds like it will be very versatile.
  5. I see the combine polynurb command. There a subtract polynurb from another polynurb command? I can't find it. could you send me a screenshot. Also earlier today during a training webinare on Evolve/Inspire I saw the instructor dynamically change the curvature radius on a polynurb. I did not catch the command he was doing to accomplish this on the Inspire inspired bracket he was working on. The tool he was using was shapening the radius of the polynurb edge.
  6. Good afternoon, Is there a PolyNurbs Symmetry or Symmetry control mode / option? I was starting to make alot of progress figuring out how to polyNurb a Kayak (see images attached)--I was getting really impressed with the control and speed; eventually I went looking for a PolyNurbs Symmetry option/mode, and have not been able to locate it. I was looking for my polynurb to be symmetrical across the X axis. I did some research in the solidthinking help index, I could not find anything on PolyNurbs Symmetry-- so as I adjust the control points on one side, it automatically updates the other side (X Symmetry- Y Symmetry). This seems to be a common feature in other polynurbs programs I have used in the past (Geomagic/ Zbrush /Rhino Tsplines). I'm starting to get disappointed. I tried mirroring, but of course I lose my PolyNurb controls as soon as I trim it in half. Can you confirm it does or does not exist? Can you suggest alternative methods to obtain symmetry in a PolyNurb, other than selecting the sister control points at the same time?
  7. I just completed the self paced training, noticed the Self Pace Training Rendering Exercise video is not correct. Instead it has the same video as the Construction History Exercise - Please fix video or send link to Rendering Exercise video, so I can review.
  8. Weird question!! Is there any automation tools to generate fractal geometry in Evolve? Interested in creating / modify 3d shapes using fractal algorithms. I think its an emerging as extremely useful in form finding. Like this -- I've been attempting to do some of this in scripts in maya and processes, exporting out as stl. I wish it was native to Evolve. There is alot of free code out there, Does evolve have scripting capabilities?
  9. Is there a way to deactivate my licence on my desktop and re-install it on my mobile computer? I just downloaded Solid-thinking 2015, I am having a hard time deciding which computer i want to install it to; my tablet laptop which is very mobile, or my desktop computer which has a lot of power and great graphics card.