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  1. how to draw curves like this?
  2. Jon

    A set of dishes

    Modeling and rendering in Evolve Waiting for the Evolve 2017.2&2018
  3. rendering in evolve download link:
  4. Jon

    about rendering

    evolve 2017 can not support nvidia gtx 1050ti? thanks
  5. Jon

    *****Evolve Tutorial Poll*****

    need a book to learn evolve
  6. How to unrolled surface in Evolve,I want to make a exact texture in AI,so i need to unrolled the surface and duplicate the edge of the flatten surface. in rhino,it is easy to do,How to unrolled surface in Evolve? please open the video,thanks UnrollSrf.swf
  7. Jon

    question about scale

    turn off the snap in 3d, it works
  8. Jon

    question about scale

    thanks tmacdonald1, i have tried but failed . I am on a Win using Evolve 2016. please watch the vedio . align.avi
  9. Jon

    question about scale

    thanks,but it is hard to align is easy to align the control points in rhino or alias.
  10. I use scale to align the control points the value of scale is not 0,so they are not in a to align the contorl points accurate.thanks
  11. Jon

    What's New in Evolve 2016

    thanks for your help,but i do not know how to snap ,waiting for the video tutorial
  12. Jon

    What's New in Evolve 2016

    How to use Snap to Midaxis ,please give me an example,it is not clear in help,thanks.