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  1. Peter Rohles

    Selecting object make it jump

    If you can. Try updating to the latest build for 2016 which is 5384. I believe we have fixed this issue in a more recent build. Let me know if that works. Peter
  2. Peter Rohles

    Selecting object make it jump

    Hi Lunau, What version and build of Evolve are you using? Peter
  3. Peter Rohles

    Reflections render

    Looks great!
  4. Peter Rohles

    What's New in Evolve 2016

    Hi Jon, I've attached an image of what Snap to Midaxis looks like as well as links to information on the snap tools and where they are located.
  5. Peter Rohles

    What's New in Evolve 2016

    Hi Jon, Snap to Midaxis is used to snap a polynurb to the axis of an STL or optimized shape from inspire. Hope this helps, Peter
  6. Peter Rohles

    Phisical, Visible Spotlights

    Hi Pil, You could definitely try out an emitter and see if that works. When working with Lights, make sure you adjust the intensity of the light until you can see that the light is on. For spot lights, Aperture adjusts the size of the "spot", and fall off is the distance the light will travel. When you create a light, make sure you place it in the right spot using all of your views so that you know it's in the right place. Spot lights have a direction, The spot light in Evolve has a control point for the origin of the light, and the direction the spot light is pointing. Does this answer your question? Let me know if you need any more help! Good Luck, Peter
  7. Peter Rohles

    Modelling Fabric

    Hello, Have you tried using a polynurb plane? Peter
  8. Peter Rohles

    Dimensions In Evolve

    Hi Matilda, When creating objects in Evolve you are prompted to enter their dimensions. These can be adjusted in the control panel afterwards if you make a mistake. Peter
  9. Peter Rohles

    Love Evolve—— Logitech Mouse

    Hi Jon, The link you included is broken. Can you send us another one? I'm not sure exactly what your question is, but I can give you some tips with scaling. Try going into "Edit Points" mode, select all points, and scale the direction you want. Sometimes when in "Select Object" mode and scaling in one direction it will scale uniformly throughout. Peter
  10. Peter Rohles

    Viewing Control Panel

    Hi, To reset the toolbars do this: Go into Evolve Preferences In the General Tab click Restore Defaults Restart Evolve Let me know if that works. Peter
  11. Peter Rohles

    Polynurbs Symmetry Control (X, Y, Z) ?

    Hi Brent, When I work in PolyNurbs and want to keep everything symmetrical I try to use the SCALE tool for entire EDGE LOOPS. This ensures that both sides are modified the same amount. This is my alternative until we get symmetry controls. I've attached a picture to show you what I mean. Peter
  12. Peter Rohles

    Evolve Manual

    Hi Lunau, Here is a link to our online rendering training. When you honor over a setting, it will tell you what it does. Peter