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  1. Hello, I'm still using "Curves->Bi-tangent segment", and it still works for me. See attached picture. It still works without any snap filter. Best Regards, Mario
  2. Mario

    Installing Local Help in 2018.1

    Hello, I am not sure if there is a local help file at all. The menu shows the following point: File->Help->Help (Open the online help for Inspire). Best Regards, Mario
  3. Mario

    Create a cylindrical surface part

    Hello again, I have another suggestion. You can sketch and extrude 2 semicircles (different parts). You can also combine them in the end by boolean operation. See picture sequence. Best Regards, Mario
  4. Mario

    Create a cylindrical surface part

    Hello, Unfortunately I do not know any direct way. One could construct an open cylinder and make a surface out of midsurface. (see picture). Best Regards, Mario
  5. Mario

    Breaking in model

    Hello, Do you have any constraints on the "disconnected" non design space? If not, the part is obsolete. Best Regards, Mario
  6. Mario

    Convert surface into volume

    Hello, As you can see in the model browser, there are 2 surface parts (flat surface, instead of cube; nb. 6 and 6.2). Since the mass is zero, they also have no thickness. If the object has still all surfaces to build a enclosed volume, than you can try to "Boolean->Combine->Pick the part(s) in browser->Press "combine". Otherwise you have to check it for open holes, close it and try Boolean. Best Regards, Mario
  7. Mario

    Mirror a polynurbs

    Hello, I can't detect the symmetry plane in your model for the polynurbs and for me it seems to be broken. But in general try the following: 1: Mirror the polynurbs object with standard mirror tool 2: Combine both polynurbs objects with Boolean - Combine Take a look at the pictures. I hope that's what you meant. Best Regards, Mario
  8. Mario

    Point to apply gravity or acceleration

    Hi, I have used the acceleration panel to create the load, so it is not the global gravity load. Best Regards, Mario
  9. Mario

    Point to apply gravity or acceleration

    Hi VirgileV, It's like described in the user guide (help). "g-Loads are applied to the entire model rather than a part, and are specific to a load case. If you delete the part where the g-Load is applied, it remains in the model." I have tested it on a small example, I have deleted the part, where the G-Load was attached and the load still remains in the model. It is a little bit confusing, since it does not matter where you put the load. It seems it is for graphic positioning only. Best Regards, Mario
  10. Mario

    Pause the computing ?

    Hello, As far as I know, it isn't possible to pause a running task. Try to change the priority of the solver task (task manager). Best Regards, Mario
  11. You can use combine also on a "intersect" entity, but I can't see any difference. Intersect combine the surfaces automatically. If you want to use e.g. the "Trim" command on more then one surfaces at the same time, than you use combine. After intersecting is is also possible, without combining. Maybe Envolve handle this closed volumes as solids, but in the end, it does not matter. Section views are always open, trimmed bodies becomes closed.
  12. As I have written in my topic, it is always a hollow space enclosed by surfaces.
  13. Hello, Strictly speaking, there are no solids in Evolve. Only volumes, closed by surfaces. As you say, you get these volumes by closing all openings. Take a look at the tutorial for a car wheel: Best Regards, Mario
  14. Mario

    Use of dimensions in Evolve

    Hello, Please keep in mind that this is a design software, not really a CAD program. But nevertheless it is possible to create rudimentary dimensions. These dimensions can be positioned, are associative or non-associative. You can switch from modeling to drafting environment and automatically create views. Take a look at the attached pictures. Best Regards, Mario
  15. Hello, We are here in the Inspire (not Evolve) forum. INSPIRE: Use the "Cut Modify" Tool to slice solids by planes. See attached picture. EVOLVE: For Evolve you can use the Trim command: To delete the construction tree, use the command Edit->Collapse Construction Tree. You can save the source objects by answer "No" in the dialog. To have the construction tree is in general a big advantage over other modelers. Best Regards, Mario