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  1. Hi Darren Chilton and thanks for your reply. I understand that for software like Evolve the most important thing it's to be focused as much as possible on the strength of its modelling tools, but...nowadays we are accustomed to using fine tunable UI as well as full HD / 4k monitor. Having a good and comfortable UI would give a better and streamlined workflow, and I think this can often make a difference. Best, - Marco (mkdm)
  2. Hey..... Is anyone here ? Is this forum alive ??
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a newcomer in this forum and I'm playing with the trial version of Evolve 2016, in order to test some new workflows. I currently use this pipeline : Rhino V5 + Moi3D + NVIL (Poly/SDS modeler) + 3DCoat (Sculpting/Retopo/UVing/3d Painting/Texturing) + Thea Render Well...I'm having many problems with the micro-sized UI font!!! I checked the preferences but I didn't find the way to change the font size. How can I change this setting ? (I hope that the reply isn't "You can't") I'm running Evolve 2016 in a Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit environment, on a full HD 17'' laptop. Here's my Evolve screenshot Have a nice day. - Marco (mkdm)