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  1. I have run an analysis on a model with fasteners. I can get callouts for stress, reaction forces at support etc but how do I get the tension and shear force on the fastener connections? Inspire 2017.2.1 Regards, Clayton
  2. cgmacca

    Analysis Blended contours

    There is an option in an analysis to turn off blended contours. This change occurs in the model but it does not also occur on the scale in the Analysis Explorer window. It would be good to have the scale change to match the model when blended contours are turned off.
  3. It would be great to be able to change the relative centre that an analysis animation moves about.
  4. cgmacca

    Find reaction forces

    Is it possible to find out what the reaction loads are at the supports of a model after doing an analysis?
  5. cgmacca

    Find reaction forces

    Ok I have had a little play with this and found a few things. When I tried this on a model that had only supports and forced displacement, after running the analysis I only got displacement results (no stress results) and mousing over with the callout gave a displacement not a reaction. If I then added a very small force and ran the analysis the results showed all the stress results as well as displacement and mousing over the forced displacement gave a reaction force. Another thing, is it possible to get the load in a fastener connection? Thanks, Clayton
  6. I have two related selection questions: 1) I would like to select the bottom face to pull of the plate in the attached picture ("select_other_side.jpg" top face is selected) without having to rotate the view to look from the underside. Is there a way to cycle through selections to pick the entity I want? 2) After creating a sketch ("sketch.jpg" attached) on an existing plate and using the plate curves to create a new part I would like to pull these curves to extrude but when I go to select to pull the original plate face is selected and not the new face created, is there a way to cycle through selections to pick the entity I want? Regards, Clayton