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  1. Click2Extrude ERRORS

    1. Can you please confirm if you have tried all training models? 2. Can you please confirm which version you are using? Latest version is 2018. Your model is working with 2018. I have not tried in older version.
  2. EW Batch error

    Dear Miezan, Have you tried training models? When you are learning Click2Extrude, it is strongly recommended to first try tutorial models. These are available in Help document. Press F1 key on key board. I checked your model, the solids organized not as per requirements. 1. Polymer die assemblies are made of stack/series of steel plates. They are placed one after another. 2. Hence, our workflow is geared towards this assumption, you should have series of die plates - placed one after another. 3. when you extract flow volume, Click2Extrude will automatically extract solids from each die plate and name them as Plate1, Plate2, .. and the last plate is assembly where polymer takes final shape is called as Land plate; hence last solid is named as "Land" 4. then you go and extract profile solid Issues in your model: You have entire bar and nozzle named as Land. But it should have been sub dived as shown in image below. I have corrected the model and please try with that. nozzle_corrected.stmod
  3. EW Batch failed

    Dear Milanb, Can you please provide more details on what trouble you are facing? Have you tried tutorial models? I will recommend to first try tutorial models and understand requirement for Click2Extrude. Regards, Narendra Singh
  4. Extrusion die

    Extrusion die for aluminum pipe.
  5. Handle Symmetric Model

    Import die geometry and setup model as per in Tutorial #1 in this training manual After complete setup, Trim full model for desired sector. Delete unwanted solids and bearing curves. Reorganize solids as Billet, Feeder, Portholes, Pocket1 etc. as it was modeled. Also organize lines belonging to bearing curve as BearingCurve What is angle of symmetric model for simulation? 180° (Need extra step to setup) 90° 45° 30° 10° And more Note: Other then 180° sector model, there is no special settings required to simulate sector of full model. Requirement for 180 ° Sector Model? What we need? For 180° sector model, we need at least one edge/imprint on billet solid crossing billet center. Why we need? To detect half symmetry, internal BC capture module needs a nodes at center (X=0,Y=0) of Billet_DummyBlock face. This center node will only be created when there is edge/imprint on billet solid E.g. In figure below, there is no node near X=0,Y=0. this is because there is not edge/imprint at billet center. When there is a edge near billet center then batch mesher automatically creates a node at billet center. How to Add a Edge/Imprint on Billet? Quick steps These steps should be followed once model is ready to solve Trim billet solid at billet center Combine two half's of billet solid Remove all imprints lines on billet solid except the one on billet symmetric face Organize billet solid as Billet again Details are in attached PDF file - How to - Handle Symmetric Model in C2E.pdf
  6. Run not proceeding

    Issue: Status is showing initiated for long time Then it shows Job failed but there is not log file in Run folder the folder. Cause: Check folder in there is log file, then it means that settings are incorrect and C2E is not able to locate correct service. Fix: Drill down to File > Preferences > HyperWorks Make sure you have following selections HM Service = hxME_3581 HX Service = hxME_3581 OptiStruct Service = hxME_3581_os
  7. Run Can't Be Completed

    •In some cases an analysis run can't be completed because there are missing or overlapping surfaces on a part •If you have Mass Calculations turned on in the Preferences window, the mass of the part shown in the Model Browser will generally be zero. •It is also common to see some red and some pink edges in the modeling window where the surfaces overlap, as shown in the image below:
  8. Billet not touching workpiece geometry

    Issue: When creating billet geometry, it is created away from workpiece geometry Cause: Die is not positioned to global origin using Orient Model icon. Click2Extrude creates billet at global origin Hence die should be positioned to global origin Fix: Delete the billet solid Use Orient Model functionality to position the die to global origin automatically Recreate billet
  9. Click2Extrude ERRORS

    Dear Mehran, Are you running your model or the models from training document? Please go over training models first before you start working on your models. The status windows may not show complete state of the issues. What you need to do it go to the folder in which you are running the simulation. Open file "Status-EWB.log". Look at last few lines in that file. That will guide/reflect what is happening. Also you can attach that file and we will know what is the issue.
  10. Following document explains how to create mirror of solids and make a sector model into complete full model. How to mirror solids in C2E.pdf
  11. How to change units in C2E?

    Steps to change units: 1. at bottom right corner. 2. click on drop down box. 3. select one of the following a. for metric, select MPA b. for British, select IPS Std
  12. How to change units in C2E?

    Please elaborate on how to change units in C2E Metal.