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  1. Yosef

    How to use "Python window"

    Me too Yosef
  2. Yosef

    Installing Local Help in 2018.1

    Hi Mario, There is local help for computers without an Internet connection. Yosef
  3. Yosef

    Installing Local Help in 2018.1

    Hi Felix, The problem, is that the help is not associative to local help, INSPIRE looks for the help in the Internet. This is the path that is required to place the files: c:\Program Files\Inspire\2018\unity\, unfortunately INSPIRE did not go there to search for the help data. Thanks! Yosef
  4. Hi, Can you check the installation package for local Help in in 2018.1? I followed the installation instructions, but it still does not work. Yosef
  5. Yosef

    Optimisation for center of gravity

    Hi Jaideep, I want to force the position of the center of mass. Yosef
  6. Yosef

    Lattice Design & NonDesign Space

    Thank Felix, the tip is very effective. Can you summarize in a document all the"Tips and Tricks"? Yosef
  7. Yosef

    Save the result

    Thank you
  8. Yosef

    Inspire 2017.3

    Hi, Where is the link for downloading INSPIRE+EVOLVE 2107.3 The list with local help does not contain English http://www.solidthinking.com/help/Inspire/2017.3/win/en_us/index.html?welcome.htm. Yosef
  9. Yosef

    Save the result

    If I can not export, why is this helpful?
  10. Hi, I attached SOLIDOWRKS model and the INSPIRE model (the model imported into INSPIRE). In SOLIDWORKS the TOP view is differnt from INSPIRE TOP view. Why is this happening? Views.SLDPRT Views.stmod
  11. Hi, Again, this version also requires internet to get help. Why we can not I install the software with help?
  12. Yosef

    Mesh Type Used By Inspire

    Hi, You can change it in property editor. Yosef
  13. Hi, I want to run optimization so I'll set the target\constraint center of gravity place. Thanks in advance, Yosef