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  1. How to use the Curve to Plane's Custom Plane

    Yes, I had the local axes button pressed, but local axes seems to not work in "Edit Points" mode. The curve has history, so I collapsed the construction tree and moved the points in "Edit Parameters" mode. This is a screenshot of the perspective view.
  2. How to use the Curve to Plane's Custom Plane

    Hi, Arjun, thanks for the response. Projecting the curve on a plane does work, but the number of steps involved to flatten a curve seems to increase. If the curve could have been snapped on the current construction plane, or if there was an option to create plane surface from 3 points, it would be a lot faster. Also is there a way to make the translate manipulator align to the current construction plane? I am trying to move a point along a CPlane's XY plane instead it moves along the world's XY plane.
  3. How to use the Curve to Plane's Custom Plane

    I am assuming it's not possible in Evolve 2016.
  4. How to use the Curve to Plane's Custom Plane

    How do I flatten the curve to this Construction Plane. Custom Plane option helps a bit, but I can't match the normal angle accurately with the blue widget to this current Construction Plane.
  5. Hi, I have come to know about Evolve just a few days ago . I have been learning Rhino on my own for about two or three months now, but the construction history in Evolve really caught my attention. My aim is to create clean surfaces that would give excellent zebra stripes. I managed to create this with my studies of Rhino in the past few months. Hope to achieve the same or more with Evolve, provided I get help from the Evolve community. Now, if I can get answers to this two of my many queries I would be grateful to the community. I am trying to flatten a curve. How to use the "custom plane" option, in the Curve to Plane tool? I am trying to move the pivot of a curve to a specific place on the same curve but the curve snap doesn't work, when I try to snap the pivot of the curve on itself. It snaps to other curves but not on itself. Thanks.