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  1. guybrush

    Cannot export optimized part

    Hello Felix, as I mentioned above (" The fitted Designspace could not be ..."), I already used the fit tool before trying to export it. The Polynurbs function does not really work for me since the desinspace is more or less disc-like and using Polynurbs on it would just make it way more massive than necessary. Regards, Julian
  2. Hi, I saved my optimized part as both step and iges and tried to use them in other programs (Siemens NX and Hyperworks). The fitted Designspace could not be mashed in the other programs because of self intersection, the non-fitted part had the Designspace completely empty when I loaded it into the other programs. Is there a solution for this problem? Sincerely, Julian
  3. guybrush

    Factor of Safety lower than required

  4. Hello, I am currently working on a project for my Thesis and am using Inspire to optimize gears. The attached pic is a screenshot of an optimization where the goal was to minimize mass but keep a SF of 2. The analyzed solution does have a minimal SF of 0.9 though. Why does Inspire not just keep more mass at the place where the SF is too low? Greetings, Julian