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  1. Evolve vs Rhino

    Hi Kisar3, yes there is lack of information and activity. Evolve is a very slow and unresponsive software even with a small project. Almost every change has a long response time. Rhino is more responsive, but if you want parametric CAD than I suggest look elsewere. I wasted a lot of time with trial version. Regards Tay
  2. align

    yes, and there is a BeachBall every few seconds.... another Question: why is Hide function behave so strangely or annoyingly ? everytime I'm getting poping message: "Some of the selected objects are source objects. Use Alt+H to hide/unhide them." I just want to hide selected objects. Tay
  3. align

    Thank you Mario, it helps but I'm not there yet, I would like to first set position of Manipulator to midle Upper point of the rectangle I'm moving first and then align it with the second one. Ragrds Tay
  4. align

    Hi, I just downloaded Evolve. I'v replicated all your examples, but I stumbelled into to a wall with the following problem: alligning one rectangle upper mid point to another rectangles upper mid point like in the image 1. Please advise Tay