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  1. Sandro Barros Ferreira

    Install Python modules

    Hi Sijo, Thanks for replying. Your proposed solution didn't work. I don't have the folder 2017.3, just the 2017.1, so I followed the path and got to \topics\compose\, however, the ins't there. Any other ideas?
  2. Sandro Barros Ferreira

    Install Python modules

    Hi guys, need some help to install pandas module to work with Compose. Any ideas? Went to the local help and just saw some supported packs [below]. Does it mean that it is impossible to install other packs? Supported Packages Numpy-1.9.2 Scipy-0.15.1 Reportlab-3.1.44 Colorama-0.3.3 Ecdsa-0.13 Matplotlib-1.4.3 (generates plot in a Python command window) Pillow-2.7.0 Pycrypto-2.6.1 PyTest-2.7.0 Requests-2.9.1