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  1. HI, I am currently looking for my first low to mid range soldering stations (recommendations welcome). And every teardown I see of Hakko, Weller, Atten, Circuit Specialist, Ersa and any other, they all have 110/220V to 24V transformers. Why? Wouldn't it make much more sense to use DC-DC converters, as they would be smaller, more efficient, lighter and cheaper (which is comprehensively explained by this SMPS fundamentals )? especially for the > 60W range.
  2. Made a layout for VCF-3 from EFM's Wildcat ,it's Oberheim type VCF i built once ,liked it so i thought i'll make another ..there were two errors in the layout which i corrected ,but there's no silkscreen so if anyone's making it gonna have to follow schematic ,that's what i do ,for the expo pair i used BCM857 (datasheet: cause i had some, you can find SMD to DIP adapter at the Buchla 258 thread ,here is schematic and ready for print layout ,it could have been done better i'm sure ,there's a 10K resistor going from the expo converter to the OTA which is missing in the schematic but is included in the layout. Cheers!