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    Quick-Launch Menus

    How bout some "Right-Click" Quick-Launch menus?
  2. Mudslung

    Learning Resources

    Does anyone know of any GOOD Tutorials for sT? I have already ran through the ones here and on youtube. I've used Digital Tutors for Maya and Max and they are the best, but I haven't seen any for sT from them!
  3. I would sure like (LOVE) to see support for the space navigator. The only complaint I have is Viewport Navigation!
  4. Are there any plans to get support for sT with 3d Connexion's Space Navigator? Also, does anyone know of any GOOD Tutorial resources for this application? I've already ran through the ones on this site! I tested this app out a few years ago and I can remember a guy called me because I was having issues. Talk about some dedicated support, don't get any better than that. I see they have came a long way with version 8.0! I REALLY love this program and hope to master it soon! Thank you for such a wonderful and affordable product!