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  1. Linux version

    I too would really appreciate a linux build. About a year ago I switched to Ubuntu linux because Apple is clearly aiming for the big consumer money. Leaving us with absurdly overpriced graphics cards and glossy screens. So now SolidThinking is stuck on a dual boot Windows partition. A sad place;) The software I use most for my 3D animation work is Blender, which is also OS-independent. It looks and works exactly the same on every system because of its own ui system. The fact that you use your own custom ui library is a great opportunity to get into the linux market. Like you did with OSX, you could now be the best 3d nurbs styling program on Linux. As far as the graphics drivers, they are perfect. I switched to linux to be able to use GPU rendering, which is fastest on Linux. No worries Tetra, there's absolutely no need for Java to be platform independent. Have fun, Wybren
  2. Translate Tool Axes Clickable Area

    Hi Darren, Great, thanks for fixing. Looking at the new videos, I'm very happy with the changes in 9.5. The focus of your development is spot on. Almost all of my wishlist has been implemented; it's like you're reading my mind. There are a couple of other things on my list, but I'll wait with those until after I have tested the new release. Have fun! Wybren
  3. I have a small annoyance that I run into all the time, and though it was time to put it up on this forum. When using the Translate tool, you have to be very accurate to grab one of the axes. If you're just a few pixels off, you'll start grabbing whatever object is under the mouse cursor. Messing things up, having to undo takes time rebuilding the model, etc. It's just annoying and happens to me all the time. My request is to enlarge the clickable area of each axis. It wouldn't be in the way of other things and will make SolidThinking even more of a joy to work with. Have fun, Wybren