Brent Saulic

Solid Body Or Surface Body?

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I am wondering if there is any icon or tool which helps indicate if the geometry I've made is a solid body.  


Basically a tool that confirms its a “watertight” solid model instead of multiple surfaces.  


It is sometimes very important that I know that the geometry I made is solid through and through and not just a surface that appears solid.


There are cases when I think I've created a solid body from surfaces, only to realize I forgot to knit something, or surfaces did not combine well enough to merge into solid body.


I have been checking by doing a Boolean.  A Boolean subtraction makes it clear sometimes by showing if there is an internal fill, if it is solid; versus just a trimed out hollow if its still just a surface. 


It would be helpful if there was some quick way the program could indicate if indeed the model, at its most current state, is a surface or a merged solid body. 


For example, Solidworks indicates this as a selection feature at the top of the feature tree as a surface bodies or solid body you can select as a whole. Is there some feature that does this?  Something comparable would be useful in your Analyze Tab (or in the feature tree). 


Do you have some tutorials on Model Validation and Error Checking?


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Hi Brent,


First select the object you want to check and then select the Tolerance Check tool in the Analysis tool group.  This tool will show you if the object is a closed solid or not.  If there are issues found the open edges will be shown graphically in the modeling windows and the total number of open edges will be listed in the Control Panel.



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