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All Trims suddenly displayed

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Hi guys,

I'm quite new to evolve so there is a chance that this issue can be very easily solved :)

I was modeling along when suddenly I realized that every single bit of trimmed surface was showing in the model. The trims are all still in effect and show no errors in the construction tree. Every loft and blend line is still connected, however the parts of the surfaces which were supposed to be trimmed away are clearly showing I also ticked"keep only exterior" on every single one of them, so that cannot be the issue. Can someone please help me resolve this issue? I've been going crazy about it for the past three days...

Thank you guys in advance. Here's an image so you have a better understanding of what I'm trying to say. The connections on the right look alright, because they are coving up the part that is showing. On the left you can clearly see, that the sweep rails extend further than the trim curves(arcs)


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Welcome to the forum!

It is most likely that the source object is no longer hidden. This happens in one of these two ways:

  1. You reused one of the source objects(the sweep) from an early stage in a new operation and then deleted that operation - This will show the hidden sweep
  2. You manually used ALT+H to 'show' the hidden sweep

If its easier to share the model, please do so here and I can help you clean it up.

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