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Sine Wave Generation

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A model I am trying to generate requires a sine wave to make properly. Using the NurbsCurve and other curve drawing options, I can approximate a sine wave somewhat but the error is apparent when I skin the lines together. Is there any other way to generate a true sine wave in Evolve?



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Unfortunately we do not have a tool for sine wave generation inside Evolve. However, there is a work around, that although tedious, works.

  1. Create a sine wave of any shape using a simple formula in excel
  2. Export the co-ordinates to a text file (.txt)
  3. Add the total rows as the first line and save the text file again
  4. Import this text file into Evolve as a point cloud
  5. Create a curve from points using 'Curve from point cloud' tool.

In the excel file attached I have used this example: Generate a 1Hz Sine Wave, with ω=2π and Amplitude 1. f = 1 Hz, ω = 2π, therefore, T=1 sec

The sine wave or sinusoid in its most basic form is: y(t) = A *sin(ωt+θ) Where: • A = Amplitude • ω=Angular frequency/ Circular frequency=2πf (rad/s) • f=1/T, where T=Period in seconds • θ=phase • t=time (s)

To edit the shape, please change the f value to the desired frequency.

Hope this helps you in some way. We will definitely be adding some tools to create parabolas, hyperbolas, sine and cosines in the near future.






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