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When is a design "Optimised"? - Help needed for University project.

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Hello all,

I am new to this software package and currently using it as part of my university engineering project.

I have seen on tutorials that a design is "fully optimised" when all sections are joined, not necessarily when the slider is positioned at the star on then shape explorer.

Sometimes when fully connecting the design it does not appear to show much of a factor of safety etc when analysed.


Can somebody please tell me when a design is classed as fully optimised?


Thank you :)

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Slide the slider all the way back just before the optimization starts to disintegrate.

Rule of thumb is to make sure the optimization is fully converged (connected, no disintegration).

Notice the mass of the solution decrease as you slide back.

This however does not mean that the results are necessarily the "optimal" solution.

Run analysis on it and check the animation as well as max displacement etc for a cursory sanity check.

Remember, crap in = crap out, so the more quality information (realistic load cases, model not over constrained etc.) the more likely you are to get optimal results.

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