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Hi everyone

I stuck at a problem and I can't overcome. Maybe somebody here can help me. I am an Industrial Designer, doing a lot of sunglasses. Since about a year, I started to draw the 3D on my own and I get better and better. I think glasses are really difficult...

My problem: I wanted to overcome the last thing, these are the nosepads. So far, I just took the surface an some anquerpoints, moved them out and had a kind of a nosepad. Now, I want to control them. My workflow is the following: I draw lines for an outside frame and an inside frame. Like that, I am able to have a great control about the shape. When I do the nosepads, I suddenly have a missing inside surface which I can't generate anymore. Do you have any ideas how I could get this surface?

Attached is a picture where you can see the missing surface. I also attached the file if somebody wants to try out his idea. Please help me, I am lost.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-27 um 14.50.42.png


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I'm pretty sure this isn't quite the result you're looking for, but maybe will give you an idea.  I split the inner surface and applied a couple blend surfaces between inner and outer.  The transitions need to be patched in.  Could you post a version of the glasses with the surface still intact (nosepads not formed) so I can see what you're aiming for?




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Hi Steve

Thanks for your input. Of course, this is not what I am looking for BUT I found out that I was a little stupid. When you have the surface, then work on the surface  instead of destroying it and not being able to construct again. I should work with the program and not against it... Next question is maybe more simple but I can't figure it out: When I have the surface and I want to work with it on that points, I don't have enough of them. Especially horizontally. Somehow, I should be able to add them but I can't. Even when I copy the surface that I did with the trimming and try to work on that copy, I don't understand it. The tutorials on that possibility are very weak. I attach another file again. Can you help me here?

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-28 um 19.14.00.png


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I think you want to add knots using the NURBS surface editing interface.  Select the surface and switch to 'edit parameters' mode.  That will list the existing knots and allow you to insert new knots.  To insert one or more knots evenly spaced between existing, ctrl-pick the adjacent knots in the list, enter the number of new knots desired, and click on 'refine'.  You can also remove individual knots and insert at specific locations (0 to 1) along the U and V direction of the surface.  Does that help?



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