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After creating a complete model I need to do some tweaking to the polynurbs feature.

Due to the use of the trim feature, each update causes my system to hang for up to a minute.

Is there a way to suppress the trim features ot to delay their update until my tweaking is done?


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Hi Avishai,

This feature is not available in 2017. We are aware of this particular need for customers to suspend history calculations and are working diligently to make this feature available in later versions. 

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If you really are in difficulty with this and you accept to take some risks, you could do this way:
while you are translating, dragging, or rotating some points, if you just release the mouse button you get the update.
So the trick is to pres ESC key BEFORE to release the mouse button.
The points will remain there but you will not get any update and you can go on with all the other changes the same way.

This makes you model temporarily non consistent due to a lack of update, so this is dangerous.
Make sure you don't use the ESC key as you do the last change, or whenever you want the update to be calcuated.

Now, this should be used by expert users only, since it is risky and not officially supported.

As Arjun said we are willing to implement this type of control in a complete way,
so what I said above is just a temporary workaround if you really need that.


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