Marcel Laukat

Ploynurb - it's not possible to erase a element

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Dear moderators,

I am working on a project in which I used the polynurbs. To make the intersection between design space and non-desing space is quite dificult and I think I created a self-intersection or a bad element. Now I want to erase it but it isn't possible. Every time I try the program creates a new element instead of erasing it.


Thanks for your help!



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Hi Marcel,

You can try to put 4 controle nodes on another to repair your model (bridge and surface spit). Be carefull with slicing a model within one surface only - it may not allows you to delete a polycube later! Only Polycubes (smallest part of a PolyNURBS) wich consists of 8 nodes can be deleted easily.

Please find your model attached.




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