Maya Navigation Shortcut ?

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Hi , 

first of all i am new to evolve, when i decided to open the shortcut window inside help, I noticed evolve detects letters on the keyboard but not buttons on the mouse. 

How can i add shortcut using left mouse button ?   this is so weird.  :((

this is so important to me in order to keep moving, anyone can help ?   I click with left mouse and nothing happens.

when i try using my wacom pen, I cant assign middle mouse button functions either.  I also see in grey that the left mouse button is already being used and it seems i cant change ? why ? 

when i learn a new software i dont want to start from ground zero learning to walk again, why can i just assign commands ?? i am doing something wrong ??

thank you



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You are not doing anything wrong. This is a limitation of the program.

Version 2017 does not support assigning mouse clicks. Unfortunately user is limited to modifier and/or key combinations only. 


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