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Narendra Singh

Handle Symmetric Model

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  • Import die geometry and setup model as per in Tutorial #1 in this training manual
  • After complete setup,
    • Trim full model for desired sector.
    • Delete unwanted solids and bearing curves.
    • Reorganize solids as Billet, Feeder, Portholes, Pocket1 etc. as it was modeled.
    • Also organize lines belonging to bearing curve as BearingCurve



  • What is angle of symmetric model for simulation?

    • 180° (Need extra step to setup) 
    • 90°
    • 45°
    • 30°
    • 10°
    • And more

Note: Other then 180° sector model, there is no special settings required to simulate sector of full model.

Requirement for 180 ° Sector Model?

  • What we need?
    • For 180° sector model, we need at least one edge/imprint on billet solid crossing billet center. 
  • Why we need?
    • To detect half symmetry, internal BC capture module needs a nodes at center (X=0,Y=0) of Billet_DummyBlock face.
    • This center node will only be created when there is edge/imprint on billet solid 
    • E.g. In figure below, there is no node near X=0,Y=0. this is because there is not edge/imprint at billet center.
    • When there is a edge near billet center then batch mesher automatically creates a node at billet center. 
  • How to Add a Edge/Imprint on Billet?

Quick steps

  • These steps should be followed once model is ready to solve
  • Trim billet solid at billet center
  • Combine two half's of billet solid
  • Remove all imprints lines on billet solid except the one on billet symmetric face
  • Organize billet solid as Billet again

Details are in attached PDF file - How to - Handle Symmetric Model in C2E.pdf

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