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Assigning Sleeves

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Is there a limit to the number of sleeves Click2Cast will recognize and mesh.    I have a simulation to run with 11 sleeves.  I am able to select all 11 areas, but when it meshes, there are only 5 areas that show there are sleeves there.

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Dear Jeff, 

There is no limitation but we have find a bug and we are going to fix it for the next release.

Meanwhile there is a way to solve this:


Go to:  ...\Click2Cast_4.1.0.102\problemtypes\click2cast.gid\config

open the file: config.xml 

and change this value from 0.5 to 0.05

<Item id="PercentToCheckIsolatedElems" dv="0.05" />

open again C2C and run the mesher.


This should solve the problems witth the sleeve selection while we release the next update.



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